A way to check most career wins?

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10/23/08 6:44:18PM
I was wondering if their could be a way to check the all time leaders in wins. Ever since the playground has started. If not i think we should have a list with most career wins.
10/23/08 6:50:11PM
member directory, click on the career wins down arrow .

10/23/08 6:52:22PM
Yeah go to member directory (no fight camp filter) then go to the second from the right (career wins) push down arrow the leader is hyper22 on 230 wins 98 losses
10/24/08 3:26:56PM
Yeah, its also interesting to see who has the most career fights. People like Jeremy Horn and Shonie Carter have a TON of fights under their belt. Oh, you were wondering who had the all-time wins on the Playground.....sorry........
I was wondering why they referred you to the member directory....
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