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1/23/09 6:01:08PM
I Love My Job!!

I'm the cameraman, one of the announcer's actually got fired today for his "garbage" remarks.
1/23/09 6:10:10PM
I don't think he should have gotten fired for the "garbage" remarks. I think he's plenty justified in making them. That was one of the worst displays of poor sportsmanship that I've ever seen. Those dudes were "garbage"
1/23/09 6:16:46PM
Reminds me of the good ol days when the Avs and Red Wings had bad blood and had that huge fight
1/23/09 7:53:41PM
That was "garbage". Poor sportsmenship for sure. I think the announcer used the remark "garbage" a little too much, but def. should NOT be fired.
I thought the refs did a piss poor job as well.

This got me a little pissed, but nowhere close to the Brawl in Detoit. Pistons/Pacers, that has to be the all time, insane sports moment.
1/23/09 7:53:54PM
What was so wrong with the garbage remark. I'm confused....
1/23/09 8:04:09PM
It was probably the combination of "Garbage" and "crap" that did him in. Of course we all agree because it was garbage. But that's "fan talk", and as an announcer you're supposed to maintain some facade of professionalism in those moments--and say things like, "oh that was completely uncalled for".
1/23/09 9:06:35PM
That was cool
1/24/09 12:36:42AM
So actually I got the scoop tonight. He actually was warned 6 times last year and twice this year. And the comment that got him in **** was the "he deserves it" one. I guess because the players are young, betwen 16 and 21 you can't be sayin stuff like that.

On another note, they had another line brawl tonight against Prince George, but nobody came off the bench.

Oh ya, the two guys that did come off the bench, Dwight King (LA Kings Prospect) got 5 games, Orfino got 3 and the coach got 5 as well. Crazy WHL hockey. By far the best junior league in the world!!!
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