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3/6/09 8:16:04PM
I mean like a couple cookes stuff like that even if your trying to lose weight?
3/6/09 9:32:42PM
I think Rich Franklin had or has a cheat day. Atleast that what I think he said in his UFC all access show, where he went everywhere to try to find krispy kreme donuts.
3/6/09 10:08:48PM
I carb load 2 days before I wrestle, and Anderson Silva eats 2 Big Macs during his training
3/6/09 11:14:24PM
1 cheat day is ok when trying to lose the fat, I wouldn't load any more than 4000 to 4500 calories that day though, assuming you're under 205 in weight class.

I don't know above that point.

Think about it like this though. What if you were eating 2000 calories a day (normal for a medium sized person.) and one day a week you only consumed 500 calories. Would that make a difference in weight?

But absolutely going balls to the walls on the day off is bad because it might affect your weight, which would be minimal, but still annoying, but the big reason would be the effect of feeling full of **** and sluggish if you were training the next day.

Oh, and if you're one of those guys who fluctuates 20-30 or so pounds of fat between competitions I would advise not to. I am a fridgenator too but mass fluctuations kill your longevity.

Just adding that... now I'm off to the fridge, J/K lol
3/7/09 5:25:27PM
yes it is.. most major diet programs that work and have been around for awhile recomend them.. for instance.. the Body for Life program.. I have used it had great results.. it helps keep your sanity and you become less likely to cheat in a damaging way..
3/10/09 10:14:16PM
I don't see why not! When i'm looking to tone up and all i always have days where i cheat.
3/11/09 8:59:22PM
see im the knuckle head who waits to the last week to cut 15 of 25 lbs i have to cut. so i cheat all the time. when i cut i like to drink shower water lol
3/23/09 12:43:31PM
just don't go overboard with it. I dont know how many times i would be cussing myself the night before a fight because i HAD to have that piece of cake or glass of chocolate milk. Speaking from experience, don't sacrifice all your hardwork for a sugar fix. I turn to a special k cereal bar when i get the cravings now.
3/25/09 4:31:47PM
Actually i know a few body builders and you need to clarify what you consider a cheat day. Are you thinking about cheating all day or are you just thinking about cheating a meal during the day. Normally you cancheat on one meal per week with not problem. more than that i would not recommend.
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