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POLL: Beebe or Torres? Who wins?
Chase Beebe 63% (12)
Miguel Torres 37% (7)
9/11/07 3:53:33PM

The bout with Bedard was highly regarded as a number-one contender’s bout to determine the next challenger to WEC Bantamweight Champion Chase Beebe.

“I feel I can submit Beebe and I feel I can knock him out on my feet. A five-round war with Beebe is not going to be a problem for me,” stated Torres, also declaring that he plans “to be the world champion for the WEC.”

So do you think we are going to be seeing Beebe against Torres next? If so who do you think will win?

9/11/07 7:31:55PM
Chase Beebe would own him , if Yaya could not sub him then Miguel Sure isn't
9/12/07 12:10:48AM
Well, Rani might not have been able to sub him in the first, but what if Rani hadn't gassed and continued to try and lay on subs in the other four rounds? Who says that within that twenty five minute period, that Beebe couldn't get caught by a guy with what we're being told, more energy than Rani..
9/13/07 5:01:24PM
Beebe is on a tear, i don't think Torres will beat him. But it would be a good fight.
9/13/07 5:35:48PM
Really hard fight to pick. Great poll.
I'd go with Torres just because in a 5-round fight, I think he'd finally catch Beebe with something. I thought that about Yahia too though but Rani showed that he has the will and drive of.... Eeyore and the gastank of Frank Mir.
I don't think that's the case with Torres.
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