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1/17/08 3:17:56AM
Man, I'm stuck. I really don't know who to pick. Miguel is 19-1 and his submissions are beastly. His only loss is a unanimous decision. Beebe is 11-1 with his only blemish being a Unanimous Decision loss. Most of both of their wins are by submissions. Beebe is the better wrestler and I'm guessing Torres is probably better with submissions even though Beebe has never won a fight other then by submission and decision. Beebe has a crap load of heart though. I remember his fight with Rani Yahya and he showed tons of heart. he escaped submissions and dominated with wrestling/GNP all 5 rounds. I don't know who is better on the feet though.

Seriously, I really don't know who to give the edge here too. Who do you guys think will win?
1/17/08 6:17:56AM
ive got beebe. yahya had him some really bad spots and if he couldnt submit him from there i dont think there are many people that can.

i am looking forward to this fight though as it should definitely be entertaining
1/17/08 11:04:31AM
Beebe. The guy never stopped working during the Yahya fight.
1/17/08 3:38:13PM
Yeah, I know Beebe can definitely go the distance. I just don't know much about Miguel. By his record on Sherdog it don't look like his fights have gone very long. I'll probably go with Beebe on a Unanimous decision.
1/17/08 3:55:49PM
Beebe has a way of adapting to your gameplan during fights, if your a sriekr he stand with you and outsrikes you, if your a wreslter he outwresles you, and if you want to submit him he counters them.

but I am really impressed with what I have seen of Miguel, he seems to have a ton of heart as well, and looks like a stud on the ground....

but I think Chase is gonna outwork him and pound out a decision....
1/18/08 2:55:36PM
Beebe has been in thier with better fighters than Torres
1/19/08 1:13:22PM

Posted by tylerlee123

Beebe has been in thier with better fighters than Torres

Very true, I think a lot of people hype Torres up too much. Sherdog even hast him ahead of Beebe in the rankings and IMO Beebe has done way more than Torres has. Beebe took every one of Yahya's sub attempts and Torres is no where near the level Yahya is on the ground. I think Beebe wins a UD.
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