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3/11/09 5:10:51PM
man this is sad, but it goes to show life is short boys. Car crash, mad gunman, freak accident, blow to the brain. ...gotta do your thang while you can.
3/11/09 5:19:36PM
R.I.P. Mask.
3/11/09 5:26:39PM

You built a life that was larger-than-life. You recognized the beauty of MMA when it was in it's infancy and were absolutely essential to it's growth into what it is today. Your tireless dedication to the promotion of fighters built their trust and allowed both them and you to profit from your clothes. I remember seeing you around the local midwest shows back in the day selling T-shirts out of a vending stand. From those humble beginnings you created a commercial empire that even spawned a TV show. I didn't always like the escapades of you and your friends on your TV show, but I always recognized the opportunity you were giving the fighters.

In the end, you are one of the few to have lived the American Dream. You made millions doing what you love, and in doing so have made the world of MMA a better place.

3/11/09 5:55:39PM
My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

RIP Charles.

3/11/09 5:59:07PM
It said he crashed into a pole, was it just reckless driving or was there alcohol involved?
3/11/09 6:04:30PM
Sad day for his friends and family, and the entire sport, he did alot for it and truly loved it. RIP
3/11/09 6:20:26PM

Posted by haggiswashere

It said he crashed into a pole, was it just reckless driving or was there alcohol involved?

Sherdog says...
"The accident was not depicted as a race between cars, although the two vehicles were traveling alongside one another in the same direction on the three-lane Jamboree Road.

“The end of the accident was witnessed by one of our on-duty officers,” said Lt. Fox. “What the officer saw -- he was driving in the opposite direction –- he saw two vehicles out of control, spinning around. One, a red Ferrari hit the curb, struck a pole and broke in half.”

Lt. Fox said the officer observed a white Porsche stop at the scene and then take off a few seconds later southbound on Jamboree Road.

Skid marks were recorded at the scene, said Lt. Fox, denoting high speeds may have been involved.

A second police unit retrieved the Porsche, which also had moderate body damage, a short distance away from the accident on a side street. A man identified as Jeffery D. Kirby and a woman were observed walking away from the vehicle.

“Through an investigation of the officers, it was determined that the male was the driver of the Porsche,” said Lt. Fox.

Kirby, 51, of Costa Mesa, Calif., was arrested for gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, while the unidentified female was charged with public intoxication. Kirby is being held on $1 million bail at the Newport Beach Jail."
3/11/09 6:31:48PM
Wow thats a downer. My prayers to friends and family.
3/11/09 8:09:50PM
Terrible news. He was huge in popularizing the sport.
3/11/09 9:23:41PM
Sad day in the world.
RIP Mask.
May peace be with you.
3/11/09 9:51:55PM
I never liked Mask or the TapouT crew at first. I thought they were just a bunch of weird dudes who made a bunch of shirts that mostly douchebags wear.

Then, after watching their show I realized they really do care about the fighters. I still don't like TapouT clothing, but man.. those were some good dudes. They cared about the sport and helped make it what it is today.

R.I.P. Mask
3/11/09 10:05:14PM
Mask wil be missed R.I.P. very sad news he was 45 years old way to young to go.
3/11/09 10:08:20PM
Man that sucks!!!
3/11/09 10:23:14PM
What can I say that has not already been said......

RIP Mask you will be missed
3/11/09 11:49:05PM
That totally sucks!!!


3/12/09 2:54:00AM
I always got the feeling that Mask really loved the sport. He was there from the start. Rest in Peace.
3/12/09 3:41:24AM
Im still shocked
Whether you liked him out not you cant deny the fact that he did alot for this sport.
He will be missed
3/12/09 4:22:17AM
This is a sad day for MMA. He may have just been a T-Shirt and clothing company owner but he was also a huge supported of MMA in more ways than we may ever know. He also helped a lot of fighters get where they are today by helping them meet the right people and gave them sponsorship when no one else would.

RIP Mask!
3/12/09 4:41:15AM
frank trigg remembers mask *vid*

really good vid. check it out
3/12/09 6:22:54AM
3/12/09 8:39:47AM
this is a inncredibbly sad day for tapout, and mma. This man was a pioneer in the sport..
3/12/09 12:42:07PM
this is a great lose and a shame. Rest in Peace brother... and prayers out to the girl and all their families.
3/12/09 12:49:03PM
was never a real big fan of tapout, nor that i even know who mask really is. none of the less, R.I.P. bro
3/12/09 3:08:06PM
Mask's Last Interview.

3/12/09 4:55:50PM
My deepest sympathy for the family and friends of Charles "Mask" Lewis. A true pioneer in the sport.
3/12/09 5:33:28PM

Posted by Supersoph199

Im still shocked

me too. it seems unreal
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