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3/11/09 2:31:57PM
3/11/09 2:36:26PM
I read this earlier but I haven't read any confirmation yet, just people speculating that he was driving.

Newport Beach CA -Fox New 11 L.A. reported that the a red Ferrari split in half as it slammed into a light pole in Newport Beach today, killing the driver and injuring a passenger.

The accident on southbound Jamboree Road near Camelback Street occurred just before 1 a.m., according to a Newport Beach Police Department lieutenant. Southbound Jamboree Road will be closed at University Drive until about noon, police said.

The impact of the crash broke the car in half and left the front portion of the high-performance Italian sports car crushed by the light pole.

"It apparently was traveling at a high rate of speed, and it left the roadway, hit the curb, took out a light pole, and ... someone is deceased in the vehicle and we don't know who that person is at this particular time," Newport Beach police Lt. Steven Shulman told ABC7 at the crash site.

An unnamed source has told that the deceased driver was TapouT Crew member and part owner of the multi-million dollar company, “Mask.” The information could not be verified and is still speculation at this point.

Police Lt. Steven Shulman told Fox News 11, "the coroner will identify that person, notify the family, and hopefully the passenger that we believe was in the vehicle will survive the injuries and we will find out a little bit more at that point."

A second victim was taken to a hospital following the accident, a Newport Beach Fire Department dispatch supervisor said. Her condition was not immediately reported. The injured victim was a female passenger who was ejected in the crash, On Scene reported.


Sad news regardless of who was in the car though, I hope the passenger makes a full recovery
3/11/09 2:37:38PM
3/11/09 2:46:27PM
3/11/09 2:47:14PM
wow, sad news. whether you were a fan of his or not, you cant deny that he built a great company around mma and did a ton for many fighters, especially those just starting out. very sad, and i hope the passenger ends up being ok. RIP
3/11/09 2:58:48PM
no way, im shocked.....
3/11/09 3:06:29PM
Bloodyelbow has a few links saying they've confirmed:


I've tried viewing them, but with no luck. Maybe someone else can make it work.

3/11/09 3:07:18PM

I can't believe it.
I never was a big fan of the Tapout clothing, but after seeing Mask on Inside MMA, I really liked the guy.

3/11/09 3:08:44PM

3/11/09 3:11:04PM
wow im in shock that sucks rip
3/11/09 3:12:07PM
i really hope this isn't confirmed, but if it is: RIP to one of the OG's of the fight game. He is to fight gear as dana is to MMA.
3/11/09 3:16:44PM
it is confirmed...and RIP
3/11/09 3:16:49PM
3/11/09 3:19:10PM
I think he comes off a little annoying right off to most people but he really grewq on you and after watching the Tappout show you could really see his passion and love for the fighters and the laughs and signature nicknames came funny, endearing and irreplaceable



You will be missed
3/11/09 3:19:34PM
Bummer. He put a lot of work into the fighters themselves and hooking up sponsorships for them. RIP.
3/11/09 3:26:09PM
Its a sad day in MMA R I P
3/11/09 3:32:18PM
Rest In Peace .
3/11/09 3:36:27PM
Wow...this is absolutely horrible.

RIP Mask

3/11/09 3:41:29PM

TMZ has learned Charles Lewis Jr. -- aka "Mask" -- was driving his Ferrari Modena in Orange County, Calif. around 1:00 AM this morning when cops say it "left the roadway, hit the curb, took out a light pole."

"Mask" was declared dead at the scene. A female passenger -- who was ejected from the crash -- was taken to a local hospital, but we're told she's in bad shape.

Cops believe "Mask" was racing a guy in a Porsche at the time of the crash, and authorities have since arrested the guy they believe was driving the other car. That man -- Jeffrey David Kirby -- is being held on suspicion of gross vehicular manslaughter.

3/11/09 3:53:53PM
Sad sad news.

Hell of a way to clock out though. Did it in style.

3/11/09 3:54:18PM
as much as anybody, mask was a central figure in mma from the early days.....first clothing company to be truly succesful, sponser fighters and really help in the creation of the mma image......he and his company grew from the ground up and stayed true to the reason why they started the company.....the show, wether it was for tv or not, showed that they do really care about the fighters......anybody remember the episode on hawaii were they set that guy up with a place to live as long as he trained seriuosly???....says a lot......various opionons can be said about his personality, but at the end of the day you got a genuine person that never swayed from who he was and what he wanted to represent.......truly r.i.p.
3/11/09 4:09:55PM
R.I.P Mask you will be missed.
3/11/09 4:19:05PM
damn..I will never forget that guys laugh. He always seemed to be positive and bring a certain charm or a lift in spirit to the people around him.. he will definately be missed

my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.
3/11/09 4:27:33PM
wonder what punkass and skyscrape think
3/11/09 4:32:23PM

Posted by cmb19932

wonder what punkass and skyscrape think

A really good (possibly best?) friend was just killed in a car accident. I think it's safe to say that they're devastated...
3/11/09 4:42:10PM

Posted by emfleek

Posted by cmb19932

wonder what punkass and skyscrape think

A really good (possibly best?) friend was just killed in a car accident. I think it's safe to say that they're devastated...

i knew that duh but i ment in the fact that he died racing and what with there personalities how they would react
3/11/09 4:52:38PM
Damn. Thoughts and prayers...
3/11/09 4:59:01PM
thats a shame rip mask
3/11/09 5:04:50PM
that sucks so much. mask was an awesome dude and the main reason that i watched tapout. he will be missed
3/11/09 5:04:57PM

That F-ing sucks... this is really the most shocking and sad deaths I've heard about in a long while.

He was such a positive, unique guy, and I had looked foward to seeing so much more of him in the future.

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