If you were in charge of the division, who would you match up?

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5/2/11 1:30:29PM
Right the UFC Welterweight division, imagine that no fights have been made and its your decision who fights who etc, you can make rematches or agree with match ups already made, if so say them anyway. Please only fighters on the UFC WW roster.

What Fights i'd put on

GSP vs Jon Fitch

Alves Vs BJ Penn*
Condit Vs Rumble Johnson*
*Most impressive winner gets a title shot
Jake Shields Vs Rumble/Condit Loser
Josh Koscheck Vs BJ/Alves Loser

Nate "the great" Vs Rick Story
Stun Gun Vs John Hathaway
Dan Hardy Vs Matt Hughes
Jake Ellenberger Vs Chris Lytle
Martin Kampmann Vs Diego Sanchez 2
Rory McDonald Vs Brian Ebersole
Mike Swick Vs Matt Serra
Paulo Thiago Vs Johnny Hendricks/Mike Pierce winner
5/2/11 2:54:36PM
GSP vs Marquardt (This is only if he beats Johnson and only if he looks okay at WW)
Alves vs "Rumble" Johnson
Penn vs Condit (This fight needs to happen eventually)

Shields vs Fitch
Koscheck vs Nick Diaz (I know he's not officially in the ufc but Dana has been talking about him a lot so I'm bending the rules a little here)
Stun gun vs Story
Lytle vs Hardy (It's just a good fight)
Ellenberger vs Kampmann
Rory MacDonald vs Mike Pyle

5/2/11 3:18:02PM
GSP vs Nick Diaz (this is going to happen one way or another I can feel it)
Fitch vs Penn 2
Shields vs Kampmann 2 (to close to call)
Diego vs Serra
Ellenburger vs Hathaway
Hardy vs Lytle
Condit vs Hughes
Johnson vs Howard (to much hype to let this one pass by)
Marquardt vs Stungun
Rory Macdonald vs Pyle
5/2/11 3:54:09PM
George St. Pierre vs. Nate Marquardt (Assuming he wins a few fights)
Jon Fitch vs. Jake Ellenberger
Josh Koscheck vs. Rick Story
Stun Gun vs. Rory McDonald
Martin Kampmann vs. Dan Hardy
Mike Swick vs. Brian Ebersole
Jake Shields vs. Diego Sanchez
John Hathaway vs. Mike Pierce
Matt Serra vs. Johny Hendricks
Carlos Condit vs. Anthony Johnson

GSP/Marquardt winner vs. Fitch/Ellenberger winner
BJ. Penn vs. Koscheck/Story winner
5/2/11 7:47:55PM
Howard vs Rumble
5/2/11 9:11:41PM
I will name top 4

Gsp vs condit
Fitch vs kos
Shields vs kim
Aj rumble vs doomsday howard

Other. Alves vs sanchez
5/3/11 1:04:08AM
GSP vs Diaz next for the title. GSP is running out of challengers.

BJ Penn vs Fitch 2 for the next title shot. That draw was crappy. The winner earns another crack at GSP.
Condit vs Kos, if condit wins he gets the shot after fitch/penn
Alves vs Jake Ellenberger
Johnson vs Marquardt, winner of these last 2 fights fight to get closer to a titleshot
Rory Macdonald vs John Howard

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