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POLL: Is it ok to laugh at funny videos of a friend yet bitch when the same friends do it to you?
He's being a bitch 92% (35)
You shouldn't have sent the video. 8% (3)
1/21/13 12:41:42AM
So 2 weeks ago I took a 10 second video of my girl friends brother in law snoring to beat hell! I then sent it to my brother and sister (who I was chatting with at the time) and our mutual friend. Turns out he's all butt hurt over it and "Pissed off!" But when I went out with all of them tonight we were cool and he never said a word. So on the walk home my girl says He was pissed and starts reading me the riot act about how I had no right and ppl get sued for shit like that! BLAH BLAH BLAH. This goes on for blocks as I plead my case. As we enter our apt I finally say I had enough let it go. She says no and keeps flapping her gums. I say fine and I walk out go to work and I'm now on my work computer ready to go to sleep.

Now normally I would be like ok no big deal, but maybe a month ago we all sat around as one of our other friends showed us videos of yet another friend acting like a fool and "Brother in law" was the ring leader laughing his ass off.

She was trying to give me some line of shit about him not being on facebook that shits not cool to do? I didn't post it on FB. When I said that she says you have to understand he doesn't think it’s funny.

Whys it funny for others to have silly moment captured on camera but not him? And WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU DEFENDING HIM AND NOT ME? Is it just me or are these 3 crazy? Might be time to jump ship?
1/21/13 12:51:43AM
Dude got embarrassed and now he's acting like a Bitch. He needs to grow a pair
1/21/13 12:54:27AM
There is video of me doing much worse than snoring and I'm not butthurt over it. I think he's being a bitch.
1/21/13 1:12:51AM
Now post the video on here, so we all can watch
1/21/13 1:24:28AM
hes being a super bitch dude.

in my experience people who snore ALWAYS get butt hurt when you tell them that they snore. INFACT I've had people DENY it to me... like "NO I DONT!" its like... How the fuck would you know!!!!!!!!???!! YOUR FUCKIN SLEEPING WHILE IT HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1/21/13 1:25:02AM

Posted by LuckyCharms

Now post the video on here, so we all can watch

It would be the polite thing to do
1/21/13 2:03:37AM
People get butt hurt over the dumbest things.

It's 10 seconds.

Why waste the energy getting butt hurt over it...
1/21/13 4:10:11AM
Sounds like a sour puss to me. Tell em when he can piss over his balls without hitting em you delete the video
1/21/13 7:11:25AM
Jump ship my man
1/21/13 8:20:00AM
1/21/13 9:24:54AM
Dudes a bitch. Tell him to get the F over it. Its not like it was a video of him doing something embarrassing he can control. No one can control snoaring. Screw him. Really piss them off and post that shit on youtube.
1/21/13 10:50:41AM
It's more than just 10 seconds, it's a dude snoring. Who could get that butthurt over something that silly? If the issue comes up again I'd tell her/him/whoever to call up Maury and see if he'll book them for a show.

edit: He's being a bitch but so is she. Lose Lose
1/21/13 11:20:19AM
He can dish it out, but can't take it, so yes he's a bitch. If you knew he was really sensitive about snoring and sent it to tons of people or put it on youtube, that would be one thing, but where he's doing the same thing to others, he has no leg to stand on.
1/21/13 12:56:32PM
Maybe get him in touch with some sleep apnea(sp) people to help him with his snoring problem
1/21/13 4:59:03PM
Looks like it's almost unanimous

1/21/13 10:09:13PM
Definitely a pansy-ass-sissy-bitch.

Start calling him "Nancy" and see how he reacts. Or "Patsy".

Snoring is so tame, how could he possibly get upset? You should troll him and video him getting all mad.

1/21/13 10:28:52PM
The guy is acting like a lil bitch
It's all fun and games nothing to cry over
You should go buy that lil bitch a dress to wear since he already acts the part
1/23/13 10:07:48PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

The guy is acting like a lil bitch
It's all fun and games nothing to cry over
You should go buy that lil bitch a dress to wear since he already acts the part

1/25/13 8:50:42AM
Reading the thread title I thought it was about your ass.

Most disappointed.
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