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7/3/08 7:16:39AM
Growing up is hard to do. It’s even harder when you’re growing up in front of millions of people on television. But that’s exactly what Ultimate Fighting Championship welterweight Josh Koscheck did as a member of the cast for the first season of “The Ultimate Fighter” reality show.

Coming onto the show, Koscheck only had a handful of fights and an impressive resume that included an NCAA championship in wrestling at Edinboro University in 2001. What he learned on the show was a first hand lesson in the world of MMA and how reality shows can soon become a reality after the filming is finished.

During the show’s filming, Koscheck became everyone’s favorite bad guy, taunting and prodding at housemate Chris Leben, until the two finally fought on the show. When he won the fight, Koscheck’s intensity only seemed to grow while his protagonists kept at him before and after the season ended.

Now entering his 13th professional fight, facing veteran Chris Lytle at UFC 86 on Saturday night, Koscheck understands that how the fans perceive him could make or break his career as a successful mixed martial artist.

“TV can give you a false sense of who a person is,” Koscheck stated. “So for me it’s all about turning fans around and really showing these fans who I really am as a person. That’s one of the big things I’m trying to do.”

7/4/08 1:04:50PM
Koscheck has looked really good lately. Although he's getting overlooked for a title shot because he's already got beat by GSP. Because, it's sounding like the winner of Diego Sanchez vs. Thiago Alves is going to get the next shot. Which I think is a shame. I could see Alves getting the shot if he beats Diego. But, if Diego wins I don't think he should get a shot unless he beats Koshcheck. So make a Koscheck vs. Sanchez II match if Diego wins for #1 contendership status.
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