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9/12/07 2:14:33PM
I noticed a short time ago that Justin McCully has been removed from the Fantasy picks for UFC 76, but he still is listed on the official card. I haven't found anything about him being off the card-is he officially off and nobody's announced it yet or something else?
9/12/07 2:15:42PM
hmm i didnt see that im need to look at my picks
9/12/07 2:28:05PM
UFC updates their cards pretty late on their site, nor do they keep fighter records up to date in their "Fighters" section. There's quite a few reliable news outlets that we check twice a day for potential fight card news. Occasionally they are wrong, but they are right way more than they are wrong and they get us current fight cards way sooner than UFC itself does.
9/12/07 2:41:09PM
That's partly why I was wondering, I too check several major news sites for updates frequently and haven't seen anything about changes to the card, outside of the Gouveia-Lambert fight being dropped. I'd hate to see McCully off the card so close to it but at least this does give me enough time to (reluctantly, haha) change my picks.
9/12/07 4:05:22PM
McCully is off the card.
9/12/07 5:56:00PM
Yeah, he is now, just read about it on MMANews. It must've popped up first on a site I don't know about or don't visit. I actually tend to check UFC's website last, mostly just to verify certain rumors or fight cards.
9/12/07 8:31:49PM
hmmmmmmmmm that is odd
9/13/07 7:07:18AM
I just read now that he's off due to an elbow injury (more a re-injury in his case), so that explains the change. Sucks for Justin but it still should be a good fight, maybe a short one given Junk's past record.
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