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POLL: do you like the change to wagering
yes the new way is better 67% (45)
no they should of left it how it was 33% (22)
6/19/07 5:30:21AM
also hall of fame idea....mad props for that
6/20/07 7:30:37PM
This way is far better.....It eliminates picking on weaker players and also cheating.....I love the way the betting page is set up.....

6/20/07 8:06:14PM
change is awesome!!! A+++++
6/20/07 8:36:10PM
The new way will cut down on the cheating but the old way was fun...even though I lost my @$$. Too bad there is no way to have both?
6/21/07 3:29:27AM
I dont like the new betting system. What is everyone talking about cheating, I dont see how you could when you can agree or disagree with the bet. Someone please explain it to me.
6/21/07 3:42:23AM
Its real easy. Make two accounts. Bet against yourself. Collect the money. Make a new account. Do it again.

6/21/07 10:25:45AM
I'll miss the old way...but I see that the new way is necessary.

One thing that set MMAPlayground apart from other MMA sites was the sense of community it was able to build - the old wagering was personal and accomplished that more so than the new. (no complaints though, it was fun while it lasted)
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