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POLL: do you like the change to wagering
yes the new way is better 67% (45)
no they should of left it how it was 33% (22)
6/18/07 1:46:16PM
i don;t like it at all
6/18/07 2:14:19PM
Well, I'd say it's better in some ways and worse in others. It is convenient to be able to make a wager anytime, without having to wait for it to be accepted, and to be able to go back and change things up if you change your mind about a wager. But you can't "shop around" to see if you can get better odds from anyone else, like you could with the old system, you just have to take what the house gives you.
6/18/07 2:17:05PM
Love it. No way to cheat the system now, so everyone is now on a level playing field.
6/18/07 2:34:08PM
i just liek to wager with friends if i can casue then you can rub it in when you win and when your watchign them you can be rubbing it in on them. but yews i think this way is fair but i would rather them not give real cash away for wagering and give more away for points and jsut have the cash jsut for fun like they had it. then who cares if someone cheats its not like its for anything. and there is no way to cheat in points and if you have a bad event in points you can still come back. with wagering if you lose all your cash or most of it in one event then you are out of it for the rest of the season. i just feel points are not as hard to come back from a bad event. makes it more even and more ppl will feel liek they are still in it to get into prizes if they gave stuff away to the top 25 in points then besides the top 10 in each.
6/18/07 3:01:23PM
Fantasy wagering will be much easier with this system.
6/18/07 3:10:32PM

6/18/07 3:20:10PM
I agree I dont like it at all. Go back!!!!!!
6/18/07 4:02:45PM
I like the new changes because I don't have to constantly reject 4 to1 odds on fights anymore. It's going to be harder for people to cheat the system now.
6/18/07 4:15:25PM
I like it. Long term, I knew the p2p thing wouldnt work, although it was fun while it lasted.
6/18/07 4:29:55PM
I love it. No more wager manipulations. Cheaters can't cheat. Hells yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6/18/07 4:42:08PM
You know what though I didn't cheat and I did pretty good. Now we can't bet with our friends . I just don't like it
6/18/07 4:44:55PM
pretty good, its fair and even now
6/18/07 5:04:59PM
i dont understand one thing, in the favourite fighter I put, ecxample I think silva will win i pick -100 and nate will lose i pick +50, the minus (-) i put on the favourite fighter?
6/18/07 5:37:05PM
Looks good so far... I'll reserve further comment until I see how it plays out after the first event
6/18/07 6:34:06PM
Nobody can cheat, so it's fine with me.
6/18/07 6:43:54PM
Not as good. But maybe it's cause we're all used to the old one.
6/18/07 6:55:47PM
i love it cause there are no cheaters, and it makes for a more realistic bet
6/18/07 7:26:34PM
i like being able to bet with individual people
6/18/07 7:42:46PM
I can see why they changed from p2p to betting the house, even if there is complaints I think its better in the long run.

I really like the new layout compared to the old one, it's perfect for my nice big widescreen moniter :)

For the other things like Hall of Fame, badges ect it's all good, adds to the already great site :)
6/18/07 7:48:55PM
I agree I love all the changes to the site except the betting but you can't have everything. This is after all the best site on the PLANET!!!!!!!!!!
6/18/07 8:43:32PM
the odds on the ultimate finale are crazy, doug evans is like +900

i might throw 100 on him for the heck of it
6/18/07 8:46:19PM

Posted by Jamie98s

the odds on the ultimate finale are crazy, doug evans is like +900

i might throw 100 on him for the heck of it

Yeah, this is a funky event to start the new system out with because almost every fight has a heavy favorite/heavy underdog lol. Evans is +900 because so few people have picked him to win on the site and because so few people have put any money on him to win
6/18/07 8:53:52PM
I like the new system overall, but i miss betting with my friends...cuz now i cant talk smack. Everything else is sick...
6/18/07 9:22:11PM
how do you guys find your odds?
6/18/07 11:01:13PM
Watch that. Don't put a pile of money on a fight right away, keep an eye on it. The odds aren't locked in at the time of your bet. They will change as the picks for that fight change.

I'm guessing that the betting odds will lock at the same time as the picks lock.
6/18/07 11:19:52PM
Would be nice to be able to have a "group of friends" you could wager against, I love kicking my friends asses
Fanboy 1988
6/19/07 12:05:47AM
I like it so far, it makes it harder for people to cheat, and alittle easier for people who are just getting into the betting system. And I also like the new layout...
6/19/07 2:00:11AM
i do actually like this version because that way a guy with more correct picks wins instead of someone who makes a shitload of uneven bets
6/19/07 3:27:00AM
I'll just repeat what I wrote in another thread...

The new system is great. Betting against the line is a more realistic betting system anyway. I applaud the site for finding a way to take away the fraudulent players and keep a competitive system in place. Props to all involved, and I hope MMAPlayground continues to grow.
6/19/07 5:27:50AM
u should still have the option of wagering directly against someone
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