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6/27/11 2:10:19PM
I don't know man I'm really leaning towards picking them. Dos Anjos is usually kicking ass and winning the fight until he gets some crappy luck like against Guida. Gave Tyson Griffin hell in the 1st 2 rounds and same with the Stevens fight instead I definitely had 2-0 until the KO. I think he's just as good as George on the ground and on the feet I don't think George has as much advantage as some might think.

Siver is nothing special to begin with and he ended Georges big run. Just think Wiman is a bad style match up and his chin is good enough to take Sivers shots.

What you guys think?
6/27/11 3:34:22PM
I think they have good shots at winning, closer than the odds give it.

But I'm not taking either of them to win.
6/27/11 4:16:55PM
I'm picking against both of them but they both have legitimate chances to win. I wouldn't call either a heavy underdog.
6/28/11 1:47:34AM
I have Dos Anjos picked to beat G-Sot, but I have Siver picked to beat Wiman. I am a fan of Wiman and Siver, but a little more so a fan of Siver, and while Wiman has been really impressive recently, I am still giving a slight edge to Siver. That said Wiman has a very realistic chance of winning imo.
I do however, believe wholeheartedly that Dos Anjos will beat G-Sot. I don't think G-Sot has that big of an edge in BJJ over Dos Anjos, if he even has an edge at all, and I definitely don't believe he has the edge in stand up, and probably doesn't have an edge in wrestling. IMO it is Dos Anjos' fight to lose.
6/28/11 10:35:01AM
Sot is way overrated IMO...He needs to get in a wrestling camp and learn takedowns...His standup isnt great he just had reach...I tyhink Dos Anjos wins this with speed geting in and out...Guida was bad for Raphael....

Wiman has been impressive and is getting better but Siver has some great kicks...If Wiman can catch one in the first round early could be the differnence in this fight...He takes Siver down and controls him might get in Sivers head for the second and third rounds...Rd one will determine...
6/29/11 10:32:13PM
dos anjos has the better striking (especially kicks) and wrestling

wiman has the better wrestling and jiu jitsu

i have them both...
6/30/11 8:01:18AM
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