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POLL: Who in the UFC LH division could beat Shogun right now
Rashad Evans 26% (12)
Lyoto Machida 17% (8)
Forrest Griffin 4% (2)
Jon Jones 37% (17)
Rampage Jackson 0% (0)
No One 15% (7)
10/11/10 4:27:30PM
A while ago i did a piece UFC Champions Part 1 Poll 1. Machida

I am rebuffing/redoing this as new challengers and champions have emerged starting at LH

Please do take a moment to reread the old post, it amuses me that only 21% of people expected it to be Machida, but things happen, right here we go!

Who out of those 5 do you think could beat him? (and please take into account who will fight him next) If Other please leave a comment, thanks.
10/11/10 5:45:37PM
Rashad Evans-only one with the perfect style to fight Shogun.

Machida-Has been figured out by Shogun and will lose again

Griffin-Although it would be an interesting slug fest, Shogun is a way crisper striker, and has better ground game

Jon Jones-Eventually yes but right now hes not ready for a title shot.

Rampage-Would be a repeat of their first fight.
10/11/10 5:54:27PM
All of them potentially "could" beat shogun, i think stylistically though Rashad is probably the best in the ufc.
10/11/10 7:04:33PM
I think Lyoto Machida vs. Mauricio Rua will always be a toss-up to me. Of all the UFC champions and their #2s, I think Machida/Rua are the closest in terms of skill, with the expection of possibly lightweight.

Evans has the tools to test Shogun, but his durability has been tested in his last few fights, where he's either been rocked late or just knocked straight out.

(Anderson Silva would be Shogun's best test. ;))
10/11/10 8:32:38PM
I think Rashad could control for 5 rounds. I think Lyoto was winning pretty soundly until he was caught.
10/11/10 9:08:06PM
how can you be "winning pretty soundly" in 1 minute and 25 seconds of a 25 minute fight?
10/11/10 10:00:21PM

Posted by BeeR

how can you be "winning pretty soundly" in 1 minute and 25 seconds of a 25 minute fight?

how can a fight that didn't even make it out of the first round be a 25 minute fight?
10/11/10 11:30:44PM

Posted by BeeR

how can you be "winning pretty soundly" in 1 minute and 25 seconds of a 25 minute fight?

Usually when you score multiple takedowns and win the round without the oponent doing much of anything aside from failed takedowns and leg kicks.

Also the fight went over 3 and a half minutes so to you, do the most simple hw of actually checking sherdog.

Lyoto got caught, probably could've won if not caught, I think he would've been caught 9 out of 10 times though with the gameplans they were employing.
10/12/10 10:06:22PM
Getting caught is GSP Serra 1 not Shogun Machida 2 thats getting KTFO
10/13/10 3:13:47AM

Posted by postman

Getting caught is GSP Serra 1 not Shogun Machida 2 thats getting KTFO

I'm facepalming, people actually think GSP was destroying Serra until Serra caught him with a shot from nowhere that magically put GSP out? Serra was fighting just about even in the standup and tagging GSP in the body with punches as they both weaved in and out. Serra was throwing bombs and eventually caught GSP in the back of the head as GSP was ducking.

Just because one fighter lands a more of less clean knockout does not mean anything, nor does the skill difference. GSP was clipped on the back of the head, and then the temple and then knocked the **** out. He was originally clipped in the back of the head.

Lyoto was clipped in the temple region. He went down, still conscious he was hit again in the temple while on the ground if my memory serves me right, similar to GSP Serra.

I do not know what half baked distinction you are attempting to make but it should be more clear than this because I see none.
10/18/10 2:43:53AM
Frroest Griffon popped Shogun's Cherry I think he has his number.
10/18/10 2:46:06AM
Remember Forrest beat shogun soundly I feel Shogun secretly wants to fight him again.
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