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4/23/08 4:24:22PM
I'm just wondering who you think the champions will be in each division by the end of 2008
4/23/08 4:28:21PM
Machida / Rua if he comes back 100%
Anderson Silva
Bj Penn
Bj Penn

4/23/08 4:31:56PM
Heavyweight: Nogueira (i think he may lose it in 2009 though)
LIght Heavyweight: Rampage (same as above)
Middleweight: Anderson Silva
Welterweight: George St. Pierre
Lightweight: Sean Sherk
4/23/08 4:45:33PM
Heavyweight: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
Like others, I think Nogueira will lose it sometime in 2009.

Light Heavyweight: Rampage Jackson
Although, I think and hope Jardine gets a shot at it soon and, if he does, I think he could cause an upset . If not Jardine, I fancy a number of people who could be the man in 09.

Middleweight: Anderson Silva
I think he'll repeat what he's done so far in 2009. Although, I think Bisping could give him a good fight soon.

Welterweight: Georges St. Pierre
Same as Spider, but I fancy Matt Hughes sometime in 2009.

Lightweight: BJ Penn
Fancy him having a good fight with El Matador.
4/23/08 5:22:41PM
HeavyWeight: Arlovski(if they sign him back) or Nog will probably still be champion
Light Heavy: Shogun (if he comes back 100% he will be unstoppable at 205)
Middleweight: Anderson Silva
Welterweight: GSP
Lightweight: BJ Penn
4/23/08 6:56:18PM
HW: Nog
LHW: Shogun
MW: Spider

I don't think that there are that many contnders out there other then in the LHW division. Maybe if AA comes back he could make a run at HW other then that I don't see Vera Werdum or Kongo beating Nog. MW Okomi Bisping and Henderson of those I only see Dan having a chance. Would be nice to see Lindland get a shot. GSP shouldn't have that tough of a time with Fitch and Alves. If Bj gets the shot like he wants then maybe it gets a little rocky. If Bj gets past Sherk I don't see anyone on this side of the world who will touch BJ at 155.
4/23/08 7:19:16PM
-Wishful Thinking-

HW: Fedor
LH: Shogun
MW: Anderson
WW: Penn
LW: Penn

-Realistic Thinking-

HW: Nogueira
LH: Machida
MW: Anderson
WW: St. Pierre
LW: Penn

Fedor, would take a lot of negotiating, I'd say if he beat Randy outside of the UFC the American fans would know him and Dana would have to respect him and give him a big signing bonus and the fight contract he wants.

Shogun, he needs 1-2 wins before he should get a shot at whoever the champ is, also if he's not 100% his chances decline, think UFC 76, but if the Shogun that dominated Pride shows up he has a great chance (i dont include his loss to Coleman, broken bones should be NC).

Penn, how cool it would be if he could make history in the UFC like what Dan Henderson did in Pride, hold 2 belts in 2 weight classes at once, if anyone can do it, its him and it would not shock me if he beats St. Pierre while holding the LW belt.

Machida, i see him beating Rampage and he destroys Forrest and becoming champ, but Rampage could get Machida by decision.
4/23/08 7:20:55PM
HW: nog
LHW: rampage
MW: Silva
LW: Serk/BJ (undecided)
4/23/08 7:23:53PM
LH:W Silva for a brief time
4/23/08 7:27:28PM
Rampage then Shogun middle of next year
Silva forever
St Pierre (Penn if he moves up)
Bj Penn
4/23/08 7:31:54PM
Heavyweight: Nog- there is nobody in that division that can beat him
Lightheavyweight: Rampage: Forrest won't do it and neither will machida or jardine.
Middleweight: Silva- Same as Nog.
Welterweight: GSP- ditto
Lightweight- BJ- if sherk can't do it nobody can, he will still hold the belt if he doesn't move up in weight.
4/23/08 8:04:01PM
I wish ....

Thiago Silva
Demian Maia/Ricardo Almeida
Marcus Davis
Roger Huerta

I think will be...

Mauricio (only if he comes back with T-clinch and knees)
Anderson Silva
Marcus Davis
BJ Penn
4/23/08 8:51:57PM
HW: Big Nog
LHW: Rampage Jackson
MW: Anderson Silva
WW: Winner of GSP/Fitch
LW: BJ Penn

Nobody at HW is gonna beat Big Nog and nobody at Lightweight is going to beat a focused BJ Penn, and nobody soon at Middleweight will beat Anderson Silva IMHO. Fitch/GSP will be a war and I think it will be a lot closer then people think and could go either way. Rampage though I was scared picking him since a Machida fight will be a war but Rampage has all the tools to beat him. Plus Shogun is not going to earn a title shot by the end of 08 since he'll only have one fight with Liddell, but I just can't see him getting back to what he was. His knee is injury prone and I think that will be a reoccurring injury that ends this career sadly

4/23/08 9:09:50PM
HW: Vera
LHW: Rampage
MW: Silva
LW: Penn
4/23/08 9:36:52PM
Each guy will get maybe 1 (more) defense this year so I'm going with everyone who already has the belts and BJ at LW.

Champs averaging maybe 2 defenses per year is lame.
4/23/08 9:38:25PM
all of the above are reasonable-
I think spider Silva and Penn will hold-
I cant see anyone in the heavies that can beat Nog right now- (Heath Herring attempt #27) LOL

St Pierre looks like he will make a hughes like run as long as bj doesnt move up- (That would be a good one) a bulked up in shape BJ VS a mentally focussed GSP...

Thiago Silva and Machida will either own or condend for HW title at some point in 09- (Forest has only the smallest chance if any to beat PAGE)

If they both win their next fight and Jardine wins and Evans wins who will get the title shot next? or will it be someone else?
4/23/08 9:55:40PM
HW ... Nog ... who even rates a fight with him other than Werdum (barely)
LHW...Rampage...only one I see taking him out even possibly would be Thiago
MW...Silva....get real, what else could I think after seeing what he did to us in 07'
WW...GSP...he's focused, and anyone who is one dimensional (Fitch) will get owned!!!
LW....Sherk...unfortunately I think he grinds his way through BJ and everyone else
4/24/08 1:19:04PM
Heavyweight- Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
- i don't think vera, wedum, herring, mir or any other of the top hw's in the ufc can beat nog. i also would have to go with nog over couture if that some how happened(not likely) if arlovski signs back with the ufc and gets a shot before the end of the year i'd take arlovski.

Light Heavyweight- Forrest Griffin
- i see forrest beating rampage for the title and then maybe making one defense before the end of the year. who? jardine, machida, chuck, shogun. i'll take griffin over all of those guys. he learned a lot from the jardine fight and i think he'll stay at the top for a while.

Middleweight- Anderson Silva
- i don't even have to say anything. look what he did to hendo and franklin. the guy is a machine. a gsp fight would be a war.

Welterweight- Georges St. Pierre
- the guy has beaten most of the top ww in the world. penn, hughes twice, sherk, karo, kos, serra, hieron, mayhem, trigg and fitch will be the next. again a a.silva fight would be a war.

Lightweight- BJ Penn
- i see penn being a step above all the lw's in the world. although i do think a few guys in the ufc like sherk, florian, guida, griffin would give him a fight.
4/24/08 2:41:38PM
Nobody looks like a serious threat to Big Nog, Anderson Silva, or GSP right now. They'll each get 1 or 2 more title defenses before the end of the year, and none of them will be especially close, imho.

After B.J. Penn fights Sean Sherk, the Lightweight champ won't have another serious challenge, either. I think it'll be B.J., but nobody else looks ready to beat Sherk, either (unless the 'roids really made a difference for Sherk - but if they did, he has even less chance to defeat Penn).

The Light-Heavyweight division is the only one that has multiple, serious challengers to the champ, imo. Forrest Griffin and (probably) Lyoto Machida appear lined up for this year, and I give both guys about a 35-40% chance. I'm picking Rampage in both of those matchups, but not as a massive favorite (Nog, Silva, and GSP - and Penn or Sherk after they fight - are massive favorites against anyone likely to get a title shot this year, in my mind).

2009 will be the year we get more interesting title fights, I think.
4/24/08 2:53:42PM

HW: Arlovski (if he fights)... if not, Nog.

LHW: Rashad (if he gets his shot this year).

MW: Silva (unless Cung Le fights him before then end of the year).

WW: I wanna say GSP, but something tells me Alves.

LW: Florian... thats all.
4/24/08 3:50:31PM

Posted by nix7777

LH:W Silva for a brief time

AA is no longer under contract
4/24/08 6:36:47PM

Posted by F--K_Luck_AuH2O

Posted by nix7777

LH:W Silva for a brief time

AA is no longer under contract

half true, nobody knows whats going on with arlovski until early may, he says this is many interviews and im surprised that people have forgotten this, i think he ends up staying with zuffa but theres been rumors of him leaving to have other fights which would probably be better for his record i think he beats 90% of the HWs including Kimbo (kimbo in 2-3 years will be good if he hasnt gone downhill by then)
4/25/08 1:09:19AM
These are my guesses for the end of 2008/very beginning of 2009

Heavyweight: Nog ( the only one I can see giving him a run is AA, but i still think he wins

LHW: Toughest one by far, I say Rampage (I give forrest about a 20% chance and then I think its Lyoto's shot if he wins and Jardine loses, if Jardine wins its his turn regardless)

MW: Silva until 20??

WW: He will have close fights with Fitch then Sanchez

LW: BJ Penn (no one will be able to touch the winner of the ufc 84 card)

4/25/08 1:36:37AM



LIGHT HEAVY - ICE MAN (wishful thinking)


4/25/08 10:25:56AM
MW : Spider
LHW : Machida

the only belts that might change from my lis is LHW since they have a lot of contenders but all the rest will stay like that for a while in my opinion.
4/25/08 11:26:32PM
Since a lot of these posts are mostly the same, I thought I would go with a little outside the box with my picks.

HW-Cro Cop (assuming he makes it back)
4/26/08 4:51:35PM
4/26/08 6:58:10PM
HW- Big Nog

LHW- Rampage

MW- Dan Henderson


LW-Nate Diaz's(lol) or B J Penn
4/27/08 8:27:51AM
I don't see anyone beating him in the UFC.
His competition is...
Mir- I think he'll gas then get submitted
Werdum- Nog beat him the first time, he'll beat him again, he'll outbox him
Vera- He'll submit him
Gonzaga- He'll eventually get the sub after a beating imo.

He should be able to beat Forrest without much of a problem, he has better standup, he has a lot better wrestling, the jui jitsu is close, but I'll give JJ to Forrest.
Lyoto Machida- Rampage will outwrestle the hell out of him no matter what
Chuck Liddell- Do I need to justify this?
Wanderlei- He won't get a title shot anytime soon, if he does it's LATE LATE '09
Jardine- I think he'll lose to Wandy and it'll crash his title shot dreams for a while, and he'll wait in line a long long time
Soko-Just lost, won't get a shot for a while either, he's like Jardine
I know there's more but I just can't think of them now

We all know Anderson has this division pretty much on lock..
Rich Franklin- He'll clinch rape him again
Dan Henderson- I'm not sure if he'll fight at MW again, but he'll also clinch rape and outstrike his ass like hell
Okami- He'll KO him early, he won't be able to shoot in imo.

He has a lot of competition but he's just way too well rounded to lose yet.
I definately think he can lose and will lose eventually, just not yet.
Diego- He needs to work on his striking, his JJ and his wrestling are very good
Kos- He needs to work on everything except his wrestling, though he got outwrestled against GSP
Hughes- He's gotten destroyed his last 2 times
Serra- Ya...lol
Fitch- GSP is just a better Fitch, GSP should win

I think that Sherk will beat BJ and that he'll retain his belt for a while.
Sherk has a way of not losing, he has a very good chin, and hasn't been submitted. He has a lot of competition in the LW division but I don't see anyone there outwrestling him, and outcardioing him.
I hope that BJ moves back up to WW (but stays in shape) and fights Hughes for a rubbermatch and GSP for the title.
4/27/08 9:01:17AM
HW - Nogueira
LHW - Machida
MW - Anderson

Only the LHW title will pass
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