UFC champ Jon Jones no longer interested in heavyweight

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4/21/14 5:33:47PM
Not too long ago, Jon Jones said he would be fighting at heavyweight by 2014 – but the UFC light heavyweight champ said that’s no longer the case.

4/21/14 6:14:29PM
Plenty of challenges? I know of 3: Glover; who he fights this weekend, Gustaffsson; who absolutely deserves a rematch that will be to the delight of the fans, and Cormier; who should be getting a shot after another fight or two at absolute most. I could still see him moving up to HW in 2015.
4/21/14 8:01:45PM
Good because he's got a couple of entertaining years left at lhw
4/21/14 10:29:06PM
Good. Focus on LHW right now. You got Glover, Gus, and Cormier. After them you got Davis and possibly Rumble if he flattens Davis, and that's a pretty big if.
4/21/14 11:35:44PM
4/21/14 11:39:22PM
He knows Cain will beat that ass.
4/22/14 12:09:02AM
After glover he will probably fight one more time this year.
He still has gus and Cormier still
4/22/14 1:56:27AM
Sounds like GSP shortly after he won the title. He did an interview saying he was young and still growing, and that he would move up to MW and eventually to LHW.

He later changed his mind.
4/22/14 2:16:27AM
Rule #1: Dominant champions don't change divisions.
4/22/14 12:36:51PM
He's got 3 more guys to beat before he can move up.

By the time he beats those 3 guys there will be 3 new guys we want him to fight.

There's no such thing as cleaning out a division.
4/22/14 9:16:42PM
Absolutely, bjj1605. Most people just don't seem to get that.