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10/25/12 10:59:29AM
i want to point out that I never said a striker is what is gonna beat Anderson. Never even insinuated it. My post history about Anderson will tell you every time that a wrestler will beat him.

How can you think a specialist will beat Anderson??? That's all the guy has fought. Minus the few well rounded ones.

You say his bjj isn't as good as his striking. But its sure as hell good enough to defeat strong wrestler.

Anderson is just as lethal on the ground as he is on his feet. There is no evidence to say otherwise. So with that knowledge why keep feeding him one trick ponies??

It's devastatingly obvious Anderson himself is 2 dimensional . So why keep feeding him 1 dimensional fighters that can either hold their own on the ground but not on the feet and vice versa. Why don't they feed him guys that can do both!? Like he himself can do.

A guy that can strike AND possesses outstanding bjj will always beat a guy that can only do 1 of those. Do you agree with that? Of course their are such a thing as flash KOs and subs. But ignore those phenomena.

Jones can both strike and go to the ground and be comfortable. Conveniently Anderson won't fight him.

He opts for the SMALLER GSP who primarily doesn't have outstanding striking. Atleast not compared to Jon Jones imo.

10/25/12 3:47:02PM
I think you missed an important piece of recent news. Anderson said he wants to fight Jon Jones now.

Jones is the only one holding up the deal.
10/25/12 5:51:29PM
Anderson has never said wanted to fight Jones. He just said it could be a possibility and even then he wouldn't want to do it.

No he said he would rather fight gsp
10/27/12 10:27:12AM
Top of my head would say Jones
Beating 5 straight ex Ufc champs is a accomplishment
10/27/12 3:49:58PM
To me its Jones.
10/27/12 10:30:30PM
jones has faced the toughest challengers.
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