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1/4/12 8:37:12PM
The UFC featherweight champion believes he's found areas where opponent Chad Mendes is exposed to his brand of violence, and he admits there are places – one, really – where he'd like to avoid.

"But really what it comes down to being well-trained and seeing if the training was well worth it, and if what I saw was really going to (help me) impose my game," Aldo today said through translator Derek Lee.

"We've been training wrestling for some time, but I needed a guy well-versed guy who's been training wrestling his whole life to kind of clear up things," Aldo said. "I felt like Gray coming down in these past few weeks really gave me a lot of pointers and helped me out for this fight, where I am facing a wrestler.

"And Gray's a great guy. He talks his pointers before and after training, and he's really helped everyone in the gym."

Still, Aldo's weaker point is in grappling. Despite that, he isn't worried about being able to subdue Mendes with striking.

"I feel I've been able to find a few things, and I'm working on that," he said. "We'll have to see on the 14th."

Moving to lightweight is still a consideration for the champ, but he's still undecided when he'll throw in the towel at featherweight.

"That's something I've considered a lot," Aldo said. "But really, the right time is going to come, and I'm going to trust my coach, Andre Pederneiras, and my managers, who are looking at it from it from a different point of view of knowing when to make that move, if ever.

"It's something I've considered, but I trust their judgement. I feel I'm a young guy and have a lot to learn, so I've got to trust the people around me."

1/5/12 2:10:13AM
maynard's takedowns looked pretty mediocre in his last 3 or 4 fights IMO. he's a prime example of a wrestler getting a couple KO's and suddenly he's wanting to be a standup fighter. i think mendes will take aldo down regardless of how much he worked with maynard.
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