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4/23/13 3:40:50PM
UFC fighter Chael Sonnen has an unusual request at the end of his interview with Sage Steele.

Check out the GUN SHOW on yours your Tickets??

- Link -
4/23/13 3:49:29PM
I'm the reason why Waldo's hiding had me laughing.

He put's on a show unlike Jones....Outside the octagon that is.
4/23/13 3:55:01PM
The camera could barely show (P)erfections arms on the screen. Both of them just barely made it on screen
4/23/13 6:16:54PM
Man this guy just never gets old!!

I really hope he can pull off upset of the century Saturday night. Having him as champion would be (P)erfect for everyone
4/23/13 7:08:19PM

He should invest in some acting classes so his written junk doesn't come off so plastic and also look into having that nose cleared up so he doesn't always sound like he is suffering from a sinus infection.

A guy who knew he was so uninteresting in and out of the cage he has to act like a pro wrestling jobber just so people will look his way. More pathetic then shameful.

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