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7/6/12 11:36:41AM
I feel for the guy. It will be a comeback story for the ages if he can pull off the upset against Silva given his childhood experiences.
7/6/12 12:17:53PM
Somebody's gotta keep the streets of West Linn clean from the thuggery
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7/6/12 12:31:12PM

Damn, Chael showing some real emotion here! He literally just vaulted high on to my favorite fighters list with this revelation.
7/6/12 12:52:09PM
7/6/12 1:05:59PM

That was hilarious.

"And sure we had a maid but she only came twice a week. What do you think happened the other 5 days?"

Had me rolling
7/6/12 2:01:20PM
7/7/12 12:37:37AM
Things are tough ib the Bu dog!
7/7/12 5:29:59AM
I'm being completely serious when I say this but Chael would make for an awesome reality TV show and I hate the genre but I would watch it without a doubt. He is charismatic, hilarious and not bad looking, I'm surprised he hasn't been offered anything yet.
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