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11/4/08 1:02:38PM
Tomorrow. Chael Sonnen will step into the World Extreme Cagefighting cage to face title holder, Paulo Filho for a second time.

As we all know, the first encounter ended semi-controversially when Filho locked up an arm bar on Sonnen. The controversy lay in the fact the fight was stopped before Sonnen tapped.

Justifiably so, the ending of the bout is all that anyone seems to remembers. What many forget is just how dominant Sonnen was before the fight ended. Sonnen was doing serious damage on the feet while his vastly superior wrestling enabled him to to keep the fight wherever he wanted.

In the end it was the Team Quest fighter's decision to take Filho down late into the second round that proved costly.

I guess what I am trying to say with all of this is, why was Sonnen taking Filho down in the first place?

11/4/08 1:14:47PM
sonnen got screwed!
11/4/08 1:56:17PM
plans will have to change again once Chael loses to Filho again... ZINGGG lol
11/4/08 4:08:07PM's dis-information...he's trying to trick Filho. I hope.
11/4/08 5:16:02PM

Posted by StevenSeagal

plans will have to change again once Chael loses to Filho again... ZINGGG lol

Didn't Chael KO Filho early in that fight? I dunno any other fight where a fighter is able to look up at the ref with a guy on bottom doing absolutely nothing and shout "He's out! He's out!" and then Paulo comes back to life afterwards.

I dunno about you guys but I think WEC really wanted Paulo to be their middleweight Urijah Faber in a marketing sense and I began to question the ref big time after that fight, whether Paulo was out, whether Chael tapped, that fight had some serious controversy. They should have tested Paulo for a concussion and if they did I'm curious to know what showed up. Gray Maynard didn't have a concussion after he slammed Rob Emerson and they say it was impossible for him to be out because he didn't have a concussion and that he was just dazed after slamming him, granted being dazed and being out are two different things, both are grounds for the ref to stop the fight, if a fighter is inactive and cannot defend its gotta stop and Paulo wasn't doing anything for a good 10 seconds which is all you need to recover from being KOd sometimes.
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