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3/22/12 12:42:39AM
The number one contender and next to challenge UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, former politician and Realtor, occasional television MMA analyst, and a one man army waging war on Blackhouse, Chael Sonnen now has another role to add to his resumé: author.

3/22/12 12:48:57AM
NY Times #1 Bestseller
3/22/12 3:31:15AM
fucking outrageous and hilarious.
3/22/12 8:35:08AM
It should be a hilarious read. I can only hope they will be printing it in Portuguese.
3/22/12 11:54:55AM
I think I already know what this book is about and I believe no matter how ridiculous funny and arrogant the rhetoric may be, there is a powerful message Sonnen is sending out which a lot of people will find inspiring in these dark hours of our economy.

It is my guess, the book is about self promoting, self marketing, self believing, developing confidence etc. and anything else which may deal with getting ahead in life.

Instead of paying Sonnen 19.99 for the book, you can send me 4.99 and I'll regurgitate everything in the book to you via PMs. That is a 15 dollar savings.

PM lines are opened right now and for the first 100 callers, I will even throw in an extra copy in word document.
3/22/12 6:15:46PM
Oh man, I cant wait.
3/23/12 6:15:26PM
If its 200 pages of Anderson Silva insults then it'll still be 200 time better then anything Forrest Griffin has wrote
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