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12/8/11 5:02:17PM
on his checkered past - “I actually held public office, and I left the only way a person should — in handcuffs.”

on his illegal kneebar during a college wrestling match with Mark Munoz: “Mark’s explanation of ‘heat of the moment’, I appreciate that but I can assure you it was a calculated and premeditated event, and I offer no apology. And secondly, I don’t even remember college. I’m driving around in a car with no insurance, a pocket with no money and the biggest thing on my mind was which kid to sit next to on exam day, so as far as a wrestling match, that was about the fourth thing on my mind. I assure you on January 28th, I will be ready. It will be one more in the win column, one more above the mantle, and one more for the bad guy.”

on humility: “I think everybody up here is grateful to be on FOX. They say, ‘FOX, thanks.’ Everybody but me. I would say, ‘FOX, you’re welcome.’ You’ve been telling people for years you’ve got the American Idol and now you finally do.”

on fighting Mark Munoz Sonnen on fighting Mark Munoz: “Everybody’s got guys they don’t want to fight, and Mark is definitely on the top of my list, and not just because I like him. Because he’s a hard match — I’ve competed with him before and I’ve never beat him. But look, we have to do this, and on top of that, Mark and I agreed to fight to set an example for the rest of the guys. This is just competition. Basketball players don’t not play each other because they’re friends, or they practice together, or any other excuse that guys have for saying no. The answer is yes, and we will compete and we will shake hands and we will live with the result.”


More gold from Sonnen I especially liked the first joke and his last quote.
12/8/11 7:16:19PM
the whit of his comments makes them all the more funny. people can hate on him all they want but i cant get enough of these interviews
12/8/11 8:37:39PM

Absolutely Brilliant.
12/9/11 1:36:41AM

So I chuckled a bit.
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