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8/4/08 3:26:59AM
I hope filho beats sonnen's ass bad this time because he deserves it, some of the stuff he says is so dumb and it makes him look like a prick. so go filho rip his arm off this time
8/4/08 3:51:43AM
Yeah i really dislike sonnen, just seems like he would annoy me a lot if him and me were friends.

Hopefully Filho comes out refocused and shows why is he undefeated and the WEC MW champ.
8/4/08 5:04:18AM
Wont happen. Sonnen will work him in the standup and not take him down.
8/4/08 10:53:55AM
Whenever i see Sonnens face i picture him screaming at UFC 55 when babulu had him in like an ankle lock.He looked so goofy. This guy doesn't deserve to be where he is at or the credit. Filho needs to bring more than his A game to erase Chael ever even having a chance of beating him or alot of respect will be lost for Filho by me and im sure im not the only one.
8/4/08 11:57:03AM
chael sonnen is an idiot and a b-/c+ level fighter...him and matt linland are two of the biggest pompus idiots in the game and both are waaayyyy overated...these two have seperate bodies but use the same idiot glad that ufc sent linland packing, ive watched slugs move that were more intertaining than his fights, same with crybaby chael...i hope filho comes back strong and smacks him like he did doerkson...and i hope belfort kos lindland like he did silva
8/4/08 12:25:36PM
wow a lot of Sonnen hate here it seems. Jeesh.The only reason I wouldn't like the guy is where he states he never tapped...which is true but when you scream Tap thats the same you loose.

Any way this fight is going to be interesting because I think many people will see Filho as an underdog if they go solely on his last performance. I think personally if he does end up being an underdog I'm gonna be betting the farm on him.

People forget how good Filho is because he came up lame against Sonnen and still won.I don't think Filho is overrated by any means and I see him learning from the last fight and getting the submission victory in round one.

Personally I think Sonnen is a very good fighter. The guys he's lost to are no joke and some of them he lost to while fighting at LHW which I don't think people pay attention t some times. (guys like forrest and Babalu ).

Still don't think he's going to win as he is very susceptible to submissions but should be another great fight on another great WEC card.

I think I can speak for most when I say WAR WEC!!!!
8/4/08 1:47:55PM
after reading these posts, i have never wanted to see a guy (besides matt serra) lose more than i hope fihlo loses. nothing against fihlo, he is no joke, but sonnen gave him a great fight last time win or lose, and he could easily beat him this time. plus people think fihlo is untouchable and he's not.
8/5/08 10:40:17AM
you guys are makeing fun of Chael for crying but did you forget about the UFC LHW champ Forrest cryed when he got knock out by Jardine that was the funniest thing I have ever seen I see Chael being prepared for the subs and working stand up most of the fight and sqeeking in a split decison
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