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2/12/09 11:03:40AM
In Chael Sonnen's opinion they are. Sonnen tells USA Today that he believes his opponent at UFC 95:“Sanchez vs. Stevenson, Demian Maia, as well as himself, are the two top middleweights in the organization. Perhaps time will tell.

2/12/09 11:16:26AM
Hahaha. That is so absurd. I don't even feel he's on Maia's level, which will be evidenced when he's getting tapped out. And then to put himself above Anderson, Henderson, Marquardt and Franklin. Considering his last victory was a very pathetic win over a lazy and fat Paulo he's mouth is writing cheques he sure as hell cant cash. ****, the ego on some of these guys is outrageous sometimes. I'm looking forward to seeing Sonnen getting beat in the near future. haha, seriously what a thing to say. Submission losses to Horn and Babalu don't bode well for your hanging in with Maia. And a tko loss to Terry Martin? MMA's punching bag? Anderson would light him up.
2/12/09 11:30:22AM
Hey, Chael, can I get some of whatever you're smoking? Sounds like really good ****.
2/12/09 11:32:16AM
yeah i like to dream too!!!!!!!!!
2/12/09 11:34:05AM
if hes so good then why did the ufc cut him TWICE?.....granted fighters can improve, but outside of his wresting skill, hes never impressed me.....his boxing is good enough to compete but i doubt it could bust a grape... his submissions are, well, were are there they?....and sub defense, hmmmm.....for someone who wines so much, he sure as a mouth that runs.....not fighter bashing, just calling like i seem, and in all honesty chael is a good mid-level middleweight....but he doesnt have what it takes to make it to the next level due to the fact that his game doesnt evolve enough at a high level, he just gets a little better at what he does is all...seems to be the quest for all the team quest guys in oregon, the temecula camp seems to have its sh*t together tho.....same for maia for that matter tho.....his ground game is awesome like chaels wrestling is awesome...but maia's standup, tho fast improving, is pretty sloppy and so are his takedowns.....both areas he needs to really work on before he gets a title shot against silva or whoever holds the belt...otherwise its gonna be a quick night
2/12/09 11:34:23AM
better at what Chael? because it sure isnt MMA
2/12/09 11:40:00AM
this is ridiculous.
2/12/09 11:42:22AM
The only thing either of them has thats better than Silva's is Maia's jj. Chael, you are indeed high and you'll be sleeping soon.
2/12/09 11:43:13AM
We will see what he has to say after Maia subs him in the first!!!!!
2/12/09 11:47:18AM

Posted by EvenFlow

better at what Chael? because it sure isnt MMA

Ohhhhh I understand. He's saying they're the two best middleweight parcheesi players. Makes sense now, Anderson sucks at Parcheesi.
2/12/09 1:05:40PM
Hahaha, Sonnen is just still high off his lackluster win against Paulo.

I'm not a Chael fan at all..
2/12/09 1:34:23PM
Chael Has to be delusional. strange.... that usually happens after people fight anderson.
2/12/09 1:43:27PM
LOL. There are very few people who are as good as Anderson Silva and im pretty sure Sonnen wasn Maia aren't one of them.
2/12/09 1:48:30PM
Maybe better at bleeding...... or tapping out.
2/12/09 2:07:28PM
Wow.....that's quite the comment. Anderson would knock Sonnen out within the first round in my opinion. Sonnen likes to strike and Silva would dominate him with kicks and accurate powerful punching. I would say Maia has a chance against Anderson because his ground game is off the charts and I think if he got him down he would finish him. I would take Franklin, Henderson, Maia, Marquardt, Quarry, Bisping maybe even someone like McDonald over Sonnen. This guy is nothing special. He has decent standup but every guy in the division would be able to stand an trade with him. Sonnen will lose to Maia...and then he will undertsnad where he sits in the division.
2/12/09 2:16:05PM
I think he's on to something when it comes to Demian Maia. I believe its going to be Maia that ends the Spider's run as Champ. But hes smokin the good stuff if he thinks he can beat the Spider that's for sure. No disrespect dude but beating Paulo Filho made you think your invincible, and I believe Demian Maia is going to set you straight on that!
2/12/09 2:18:43PM

Posted by bjj1605

Chael Has to be delusional. strange.... that usually happens after people fight anderson.

2/12/09 2:25:53PM
2/12/09 2:26:54PM
Wow is he serious? I mean really ok so you beat filho but were talking about the complete package in Silva the guy is a monster.I mean i dont see Silva losing to Terry Martin Lets see him get past maia and even then he has alot more work to do to even be put in the same class as the spider.
2/12/09 3:16:04PM
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That is Hilarious. Thanks for the laugh CHAIEL. Ha ha ha ha.
2/12/09 4:26:02PM
Sounds like someone is just trying to hype themselves to a title shot .
2/12/09 4:57:07PM

Posted by Aether

Hey, Chael, can I get some of whatever you're smoking? Sounds like really good ****.

WTF, doesn't anybody share their good sh*t anymore. Come on Chael pass it arround already. You've obviosly had enough.
2/12/09 5:22:54PM
Sonnen : "But who’s the best and who’s the champion are two different deals"

I would love to see him say to Andersons face. The Spider would rip Sonnen's head off IMO. Maia on the other hand has a very decent shot at beating Anderson if he can catch him in jits aspect of the game. Although to get it down he has to get past the champs clinch. WAR SILVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leites is TOAST!!!!
2/12/09 6:43:09PM
Chael Sonnen got tapped by Jeremy Horn and yelled "tap". Enough said. He 1-2 in the UFC. He would get brutally lit up by Anderson Silva. Maia is very good though and could potentially give Anderson a good fight.
2/12/09 7:41:05PM
Not only would Silva destroy Sonnen, I can think of a ton of UFC MW's that would handle him. He has no reason to talk at all.
2/12/09 11:48:54PM
I wouldn't be surprised if this comment came back to bite him in the ass. I think after reading something like this, Dana will be a lot more willing to cut him from the roster completely if he takes a loss.
2/13/09 11:34:08AM
MY god Chael you were in the WEC do you realize the WEC had to fold it's middleweight division because it had zero depth do you realize that Paulo Filho was depressed and didn't care I thought the fact that he was 189 showed you that do you realize that you have been beatened by many UFC veterans Chael let me let you in on a secret your one dimensional you have no hands you have no jits you have your wrestling and what happened to that when you went up against a semi-focused Filho or Jeremy Horn? thought so
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