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12/4/08 1:27:13AM
From the sound of things, he isn’t interested in just dipping his toe in the UFC middleweight waters, either. He’s doing a cannonball aimed straight at Anderson Silva:

I’m not going to the UFC with a white flag. My flag is red, I’m declaring war. It’s always like that, all fighters when he grabs the microphone says the same thing, they challenge every fighter in the world, except Anderson Silva. A lot of folks don’t have what it takes, before even fighting they’re all ready yellow. I’m not going to do that, it would really disappointing to my fans. I’m the only fighter who wants to fight him, and the only one who has what it takes to beat him.

12/4/08 1:36:45AM
12/4/08 2:10:59AM
If he couldnt finish Filho either time there's no way he gets past round 2 with The Spider (yes filho's armbar on sonnen was a legit verbal tapout) granted Filho was a lost fighter in the 2nd fight but Sonnen should have pushed the pace and finished.

I would give BJ a better shot ... even GSP would do better imho.
12/4/08 2:16:45AM
hey why not reach for the stars right?

That way we can watch him coming crashing down via one of anderson's knees all the way back to earth.
12/4/08 2:17:44AM
He would lose to Hendo, Rich, Nate, Thales, Rousomir, uhhh wow no. Kang is the only new comer who I want to see face Anderson, and he will lose to. Yeah Sonnen has the right skill to beat Anderson, but he's just simply not good enough IMO.
12/4/08 8:07:40AM
BS Chael, you are not the only one that wants to fight anderson silva.

There are a bunch of contenders in front of chael that would challenge anderson silva and would beat chael.

It would suck if chael got a title shot right away because he was the WEC champ well kinda ha.
12/4/08 4:03:09PM

His willingness to fight would evaporate once the ref started the match.

Sonnen doesn't deserve a title shot in UFC.
12/4/08 4:50:30PM
I like the man's confidence, but he wasn't even able to finish Fihlo. He will have a tough time in his second stint in the UFC. Hee is a good fighter but the once bleak MW division is getting stacked again. On top of that he is no where neer the fighter anderson is. Bablu subbed him, Anderson would bury him.
12/4/08 8:04:33PM
chael vs silva champion vs champion would be good but chael would be killed
12/4/08 11:25:39PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

chael vs silva champion vs champion would be good but chael would be killed

That wouldn't look very good on WEC's part. Everyone seeing their former 'champion' air guitared into submission wouldn't be pleasant. . . well actually it would be.
12/5/08 9:58:00AM
You DO know he wasn't TRYING to finish right?

That was the gameplan, straight punches on the feet, back out of guard to avoid a freak submission. Don't press too hard and get caught.

6/21/09 10:38:06PM
id just go ahead and let sonnen talk because talking about the title is the closest he going to get to it.
6/22/09 3:52:39AM
Chael was never a WEC champion because Filho never made weight.
6/22/09 4:50:25PM
No & No
6/22/09 6:49:51PM
Seriously, Sonnen is not that good.
6/23/09 8:39:28AM

Posted by EpicTerran


nuff said
6/23/09 8:57:15AM
I don't care who it is but I would like to see Anderson fight somebody who isn't scared for once.
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