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11/21/11 1:12:05PM
Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva is a rivalry that clearly isn't going to calm down any until the two men have their rematch. Sonnen gave Silva everything he could handle for the majority of their first fight before getting caught in a triangle choke and submitted late in the fifth round.

Since that point we've had fans and Sonnen clamor for a rematch while Silva's camp has seemingly done everything they can to say that Sonnen should be at the back of the line. Anderson though has said that he will fight whoever the UFC tells him to fight and UFC president Dana White has said that the two will need to rematch.

Recently Silva said that if Chael wants the rematch they can do the fight in Brazil and now Sonnen took to Twitter to say he'll travel for the fight if needed

11/21/11 1:35:19PM
A story yesterday was stating Chael could not wait long enough for the Brazil matchup, and would be on the Fox 2 card instead. I don't think it matters if Chael is Brazil, no one but mma fans will know him, and he will be safe. I would like to see Maia or Palhares fight Chael, because than Chael would avoid the gg or get sub'd again... most others besides bjj bb's will have trouble standing up, Chael has excellent top control, a wrestler like Kos, GSP, or maybe Munoz can stop his shot, but no one else at mw i can think of.
11/21/11 3:09:30PM
Of course Chael accepted, he's wanted a rematch since he tapped. I would have liked another fight for him before then with Munoz but who knows what would have happened in that fight. He may have lost or sustained a injury that pushed his rematch with Silva out even further. I'm just happy this highly anticipated rematch is happening. Us fans win again
11/21/11 3:35:23PM
I think Chael would accept the fight even if it was held in the Ronald McDonald ball pit, or in a blow up bounch house for a crippled childs birthday, or in a dumpster that just got sprayed out after a fire, or the bathroom of a heroin addict.
11/21/11 3:45:29PM
cool..but i legit fear for sonnens life...not at the hands of silva, but at the hands of brazil...good luck surviving..literally
11/21/11 7:41:51PM
Nah, the Brazilian faithful will probably unveil a Chael Sonnen Statue and throw a parade upon his arrival.
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