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12/26/11 2:52:33PM

Posted by Consigliere

Fucking christ, what a joke this guy is. Man I hope one day he will wake up from his disillusions..
I think he just realised he won't be able to beat Silva, so now he's again trying to talk his way into another contender spot.. What an arrogant fuck

I know your new here and a lot of people on here will agree but please don't fighter bash on the site. We are not here to do that
12/27/11 7:34:45AM
Jones and Dos Santos would murder him. GSP is a fight that I would like to see and I would actually pick GSP if the fight was at 170.
12/29/11 3:55:57AM

Posted by cowcatcher

Posted by ghandikush

Posted by Pookie

You're doing all the work for him.

Youre exactly right, replying is the same as bitching. What a great way to support a point. I allocate my poting time to my disagreements more than nutthuggeries, dont see a reason why one would post to agree.

But please still waiting for someone to actually support their ideas.

The person that crapped out the gem "I would put money on Hughes outstriking Hardy..." without a follow up wants a serious debate? Mmmhhhmmm...

Hughe would outstrike Hardy because he would make hardy fear his wretling and he would pick and move like against Kos.

Yes he beat Kos in standup badly till the knockdown punch. He is much smarter than most with his old man craftiness.
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