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POLL: On wich team will end up Chad Johnson?
Philadelphia Eagles 27% (4)
Dallas Cowboys 33% (5)
Washington Redskins 40% (6)
4/16/08 6:28:08PM
Heres a link telling that CJ wants to be traded BEFORE the Draft. Hope my Skins make a move!

Chad Johnson wants to get traded

4/16/08 6:30:17PM
From what i heard ..The Bengals arent going to move him..An he said he'd rather go an play in the AFL then for the is funny cause im a Steelers fan and 2 years ago..Chad and the Bungles were talking and saying this is our Division now its our time to shine HAHAHA..Yeah right...The Brownies are the Steelers only threat i see this season..
4/16/08 7:20:43PM
Just more Ocho Cinco Being Ocho Cinco. He's not going anywhere, just trying to get some more me time on TV/radio.
4/16/08 8:17:40PM
He'll go to the cowboys, they'll take anyone
4/16/08 8:35:18PM
He'll be in Cincy next season.

There's no way in hell he'd go to the Cowboys to share receptions with T.O. There's too much ego involved there.
4/16/08 10:47:18PM
im praying the broncos will give them the 12th pick and get him!!!
4/16/08 11:27:51PM
damn i hope its dallas
4/16/08 11:32:00PM
I hope it's Miami! Chad and Ginn Jr. would be a beastly team and it would help the young quarterback of the future we'll have starting develop a whole lot better! But I doubt it since Miami is a few years away from being a serious playoff contender and he wants win now.

He should probably just stay in Cinci. Their Offense is crazy good, minus the O-Line. It has two great running backs, a future HOF QB, and their WR core is just sick. All they need for this next season is a better defense that can tackle so they can at least make the playoffs and then work the O-Line and the rest of the D the next season and then the season after that they will be Super Bowl contenders! If I was Cinci, no way I'm letting him go. Carson needs him!
4/16/08 11:37:10PM
stop with the Cincy hatin!

and Chad better not go anywhere....because then my favorite team..loses my favorite player... (he may end up in Wash though...)
4/17/08 12:16:09AM
Washington, i dont think so dont have the type of QB chad needs.

Eagles is where he needs to go, westbrook to run, mcnabb at QB and chad at WR 3 huge play makers and that takes pressure of westbrook and then they get a deep threat, the the eagles would be in the playoffs with chad on the eagles no doubt.

im just going with the 3 chocies, skins, cowboys, eagles
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