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10/27/09 10:44:04PM
Boxing threads have been going well, so why not.

Anyone excited about this? Its on the same night as Fedor vs. Rodgers, but thats why DVR was invented. Dawson is a lightning fast Light Heavyweight whos 28-0 (17) and has outclassed most of the big names at that weight, including Antonio Tarver on two occasions, Tomasz Adamek, and several fringe contenders.

Glen Johnson gets written off as a journeymen fighter, but he fights in a very old gloved boxing style that uses an axe punch for a jab and all kinds of deceptive glove defense and combination work. Hes a nightmare whos known for a 9th round KO of Roy Jones Jr, as well as taking many top named fighters to decisions.

Last time these guys fought, it as very close, but Dawson got that nod, which Johnson thought was a robbery. Dawson is slick, but Johnson is such a pain to fight, that he could possibly drop the strap to him. I think Dawson wins the decision again as age is becoming a factor with the 40 year old Johnson, but it'll be a fight. Who do you have?
10/27/09 11:02:03PM
I gotta check out what you mean by this axe punch jab. Can you link me a video for it?

I've seen Chad Dawson fight but never Glen Johnson. As much as I love to box I usually don't watch boxing all that much. I'm more of a casual fan of boxing, but I do think it's a great sport.
10/28/09 1:13:20AM
Its a punch from bare knuckle boxing where you you keep your jab hand above your head, and sort of unfold your arm towards your opponent, coming down at an angle. Its generally thrown after an outside step to put an angle on it, so you glance the nose or jaw. Its called an axe punch because you're chopping into your opponents face in an attempt to break the nose or stun them. It fell to the wayside with gloved boxing because its unlikely to "catch" the nose the same way with a glove as a set of knuckles, so I have no idea where Johnson picked it up. He keeps the hand high to throw the axe punch, and uses heavy glove defense with that hand, as its already near his face. The traditional axe punch is off the jab hand, but he also throws his right straight in the same chopping motion, probably to get over the glove.

Glen Johnson Tribute

The whole thing is worth watching, but the best angle of the axe punch jab is at 2:55 against Roy Jones Jr and at 9:10 against Chad Dawson. Keep in mind hes throwing it at someone taller than himself both times, so the angle isn't what it should be, but you can see the chamber near the head and the downward motion of the punch.


Scottish Bareknuckle Boxing

I found this as well. This is different than the way it was used among the bareknuckle guys I've read about, but you get the idea. Here its a power punch thats more of a hammer fist or club with the forearm.
10/28/09 12:14:28PM
ive got dawson 100%, hes so slick for a guy his size and i think johnson is going to get worn out trying to play catch up with him.
10/29/09 3:22:13PM
I think last time was his best shot and I do think he won, but this time I think it's gonna be all Dawson. It's his time to start being dominant and start making a name for himself as THE light Heavyweight champ. Take that ring crown. I think he'll just been too fast and win by a wide margin this time. Glenns only hope I think is too KO him which I know is possible especially for a warrior like Glenn but I think Dawson has him beat this time.

I want B-Hop/RJJ winner vs DAWSON!!!
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