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3/22/08 2:26:20PM
I got another letter about this event this morning and the fight cards changed again, theres fighters have apparantly been "confirmed"

Ricco Rodrigues vs Jeff Monson

David Loiseau vs Terry Martin

Travis Wiuff vs Cyrille Diabette

Gegard Moussasi vs Foupa Pokam

Jean Silva vs Melvin Guillard

Dan Hardy vs Marios Zaromski

Brad Imes vs James Thompson

Pete Spratt vs Mark Weir

Carlos Gonzalez vs Anthoney Lesley

I will say though, this card was announced 3 days ago or somthing, and theres already been 3 changes to card so who knows how many more will change before the card actually goes ahead. Apparantly manhoef was fighting at one point but that seems to of been cancelled, and buzz berry was supposed to be fighting Imes but hes said he hadnt acually heard anything about it.
3/22/08 2:33:53PM
Looks like an awesome card! I would like to see it in the secondary league as there are a lot of recognizable fighters on the card. I am familiar with almost all the fighters on the card. Gegard Moussasi looks to be an amazing prospect, his fight with Xavier should be fireworks. Jean Silva vs. Melvin should be exciting as well. The Crow vs. Terry Martin should be competitive. A lot of good fights on paper!

EDIT: Looks like Melvin Manhoef is also on the card! That guy is always exciting.

3/22/08 3:12:32PM
Great Card ! This should definately be put on the Secondary League
3/24/08 11:15:39PM
The crow making a comeback =]

3/25/08 12:02:21AM
looks like an awesome card, cant wait
3/25/08 12:08:47AM
hope this makes 2ndary long as these fights are official..

and HDnet.... show this card
3/25/08 1:08:29AM

Posted by Aaronno9

Brad Imes vs James Thompson

JT via Gogoplata.
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