Cesar Gracie: "You guys might see the Diaz-Gomi rematch"

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6/13/08 5:44:20AM
"If Nick is 100% on, he is the best in the world. If you put Nick somewhere and you say, 'the winner is the fighter that comes out of this cage,' guess who is coming out? Nick Diaz is coming out of that cage. I don't care if it's Georges St-Pierre or whatever. I know he can lose a fight and I know in X amount of rounds this guy can outpoint him, but I know that Nick is a true fighter. He's a warrior wherever he goes," stated Cesar Gracie as he spoke about Nick Diaz and his upcoming clash with Mushin Corbbrey this Saturday. You don't want to miss what else he had to say as he talked more about the Diaz brothers and shared his thoughts on BJ Penn, Georges St-Pierre, Anderson Silva, Jake Shields, Matt Hughes, Frank Shamrock, the EliteXC debut on CBS, a Diaz-Gomi rematch and much more.

6/13/08 6:12:12AM
That was a really good interview if I do say so myself. Thanks for the post.
6/13/08 9:32:02AM
Cesar Gracie seems like a really cool dude. I wish I could have saw him fight a few more times.
6/13/08 2:18:10PM
Cesar's such a humble guy. You can see that with all of his fighters, they're all real down to Earth guys (who wouldn't get drunk and piss themselves). I still don't think Nick would ever stand a chance against GSP or Penn.
6/13/08 2:25:12PM
Gomi wants no part of Nick Diaz ... or BJ Penn
6/13/08 2:31:30PM
Diaz is my favorite fighter. but i wouldnt want to see him vs GSP thats not a safe matchup for him. just IMO but i would love to see another gomi match. hed show everyone once again that Gomi isnt the best at LW
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