Cerrone says Henderson fight in the works, has harsh words for Varner

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6/25/09 10:53:15PM
Cerrone expects to face Ben Henderson, doesn't care for Jamie Varner

Although nothing is confirmed, Donald Cerrone expects to take on Ben Henderson at some point in the near future. He also badmouths Jamie Varner with some language that is sure to incite controversy.

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6/25/09 11:57:07PM
theres hyping a fight and real bad blood and im going to say this is the latter. i really just hope that both are at 100% come their time to fight so there are no excuses and no questions still left unanswered. i like varner and cerrone but both have said some things that rubbed me the wrong way at different times, but cerrone is really kind of taking this to a 3rd grade level by tossing that little barb out there.
6/26/09 12:24:12AM
It will all be eventually settled. I'm sure neither side is very happy right now. That much is obvious, anyway.

Cerrone better be careful against Benson. Benson is a good wrestler, and he's a Royce Gracie JJ student. In the standup he'll lose against Cerrone, but Benson isn't dumb. He'll put him on his back, defend submissions and pass guard all day most likely.

I thought Benson wouldn't be able to fight due to his eye surgery, but I guess the docs are going to clear him early? I thought with any kind of laser eye surgery you're not allowed contact for quite some time, but we'll see.

Funny, though.. because Jamie and Benson are also friends/training partners sometimes. Cerrone and Jamie were friends the first time they fought, too. I guess you can't end up friends with everyone forever.

Wow- that's a lot of random thoughts.

6/26/09 9:56:06AM
Like I said in the other thread, I hate it when my favorite fighters are childish.

Dear Cowboy,

Let's be a little bit more professional in your next interview, mmkay?

A Fan
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