Cerrone vs Noons added to 160

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2/19/13 10:41:30PM
Donald Cerrone will return to the Octagon later this year, taking on former Strikeforce fighter K.J. Noons at UFC 160: Velasquez Vs. Silva II. The bout was announced on UFC Tonight Tuesday.

2/19/13 10:48:55PM
i really wanted Noons to continue the Diaz rivalry w/ Nate, but this works just fine for me.
2/19/13 10:51:37PM
That's a great fight right there.
2/19/13 11:41:11PM
Awesome fight I cant wait to see this one
2/19/13 11:45:30PM
Sick fight, Cerrone might be too much for Noons, but I think KJ is actually capable of winning here.
2/20/13 12:15:53AM
I hope cerrone chokes him out
2/20/13 9:25:42AM
I don't think Noons really deserves to fight Cerrone right now based on the past 3-4 years. Noons has barely done anything noteworthy since the EliteXC days while Cerrone has moved up the ladder with nice top 30ish wins in the UFC.
2/22/13 3:39:59PM
This is Cerrone's fight to lose