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4/16/13 1:56:48PM
As I write this there are 3 dead and at least 176 injured due to the terrorist act that happened at the Boston Marathon. Just hearing the growing numbef is enough to bring a tear to my eyes. Seeing the videos stirs up a handful of emotions that are hard to overcome. Although I live on the opposite side of the country that doesn't mean I don't care. Just because it wasn't my family members injured or killed doesn't mean my heatt doesn't hurt. We are all affected by this. We are all in this together. And in these situations is where it is most evident. Seeing all those people running TOWARD the explosion was a site to see. The selflessness that those people showed was truly amazing.

I tend to look closer at my own relationships when things like this happen. I think about my family and friends. But what was differnt about this one was I thought about the PG. I thought about all of you that are in the area or may have had family in the race. Ill be honest guys, I don't ever eanna hear about anything bad happening to any of you or your families. Its something I don't wish on anyone.

When Shawn lost his job, he reached out to us if only just to vent. When ChrisSabal was having girlfriend issues he asked for our advice. When my Dad passed I needed to vent and you guys were super cool.

I guess where I'm going with this is that we are at our best when things are at the worst. That is the one thing through all this that has made me smile. Thanks for taking the timeto read my rant
4/16/13 2:08:46PM
Disasters and occurances like this remind me to always appreciate life, family, friends and what not. I used to take everything for granted. Over the years I have turned a new leaf. I always look to lend a helping hand to a fellow person in need. Tragic events bring out the best in people, which is bitter sweet, but its true, people show their true colors when others are in danger. It just sucks that it takes a disaster for that person to show those colors.
These events touch me as well, its hard not to get emotional or worked up for things like the bombing, or the school shootings. Thanks for the rant prophecy033, it made me want to rant as well, but I am glad I did. Take it easy everyone and stay safe. You can always count on the Playground to list to a good rant.

4/16/13 2:23:12PM
I'm always in need to spread the love so public props for you, prophecy
4/16/13 2:43:03PM
I'm sorry to hear of your father's passing and for not being around to help you cope with it. I lost my father unexpectedly 5 years ago and I would have appreciated any comfort, whether it be from acquaintances or faceless posters online.

For some reason your post brought home and reiterated a conversation I had with a fellow church member. We talked about God, country, and family - in those order. As a young man, I have heard the phrase God, country, and family before but I never knew what it meant.

You mention the selfless acts of many who ran toward the explosion while feeling an overwhelming sense of camaraderie and patriotism. The reason why country comes before family is because without a country, you won't have a family. And it is good to see many people uphold that...

4/16/13 3:09:16PM

4/16/13 3:09:44PM
Just stuck it on my facebook, but will reprint here. Obviously applies the fine folks at the PG.

The Boston thing is obviously close to home, so I wanted to say something.

You stand here today, the sons and daughters of strong, good people. Every person alive today exists because their kin, and their kin, and their kin before them were willing to definitively stand between their fellow man and what lurks in the dark. For generations, we've stared into the abyss and made it clear that nothing with malicious intent would live long, should they seek to bring their dark thoughts to fruition.

Sadly, you can't see what corrupt wheels are turning in people's minds and these sick deeds are largely unavoidable. Yet, there are things that we as decent people can do.

One thing is to pay attention, always. In the self-defense community, this is called "Condition Yellow". It takes almost no effort to simply be mindful of what goes on around you, and it becomes effortless with practice. As humans, we're programmed to use minimal mental effort throughout our day, but in putting in that effort to look at people and events unfolding around you, you could potentially spot things that might otherwise go unnoticed. 99.9% of the time, you'll see life going on around you, which isn't so bad. You never know what might grab your attention however, if someone happens to be up to no good. Make that effort to be a forward observer for your fellow man.

Something just as important, though tragic in context, is to avoid dwelling on this. I don't mean to avoid being inwardly upset or even let those around you see your heart. This is normal and healthy. What I mean is don't be reactionary in the negative. Don't talk about what you'd do to these people when they're found, or what you'd like to see done to them. When you turn your own thoughts to darkness, they win. A major part of these sick behaviors is a desire for people to react. It's a demented cry for attention exercised in the worst possible manner. Don't play into it. These people will be discarded when found and that should be good enough for us all.

Most importantly, be good. If you can donate time, money or blood to those affected, absolutely go for it. If you can't, you can help those around you simply by making that effort to remain kind and understanding. Resolve to be unbroken in spirit and lift those up around you. It's what good people do for each other, and is your greatest defense in the face of tragedy. Help the injured, fix that which is broken, and move forward in a positive manner. Remain united, now and forever, as loving people.
4/16/13 3:45:14PM
Well said, Svartom.
4/16/13 4:40:56PM
We all need to be the good we want to see in the world.
4/16/13 5:03:35PM
Sorry to hear about your dad. My parents are in their mid 60's but still couldnt imagine them passing
4/16/13 6:13:00PM
I think a few others have already said this in the thread about Boston, but having a family of my own now, the tragedy definitely hits home even more. It's one thing to hear about adults losing their lives, but when I heard that many children were involved, I was heartbroken. I can't even imagine the grief the parents and siblings of the deceased, and severely injured are enduring.

It's definitely nice to have such a close community on the PG, to talk about different issues, directly or indirectly affecting our lives.
4/16/13 6:29:52PM
Good posts all, another great thing is you can talk to fellow PGers like counsellors, they wont judge, and their only prerogative is to help. (and maybe sway you away from a disliked camp )

You guys rock Heart going out to Boston
4/16/13 6:36:02PM

4/16/13 7:33:50PM
The PG is a community like any other real life community. We pull together and put aside our differences in tough times. Props to all.

edit - I said props to all but I can't hand out anymore until the next day. sorry.
4/16/13 7:52:40PM
We love you to Proph...the rest of you guys are little sentimental bitches though!
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