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7/15/07 12:04:07PM
I learned this move a long time ago when I did wrestling for about half a season lol. If someone shoots in on you and you sprawl, and if you do this you automatically have side control. You grab the back of their neck and hook under one of their armpits and twist their body and they roll onto their back. Why don't you see this in mma more often? Also another thing you don't see to often in mma is head movement, why don't fighters bob and weave more often?
7/15/07 12:53:53PM
I don't know why. My guess is that many fighters have the single and double leg take downs burned into their brain as the only way to put a guy on his back.

The other possibility is that a lot of fighters are thinking of striking the head of their opponent after they stuff a take down.

A third possibility is that this move might not work that well against all types of opponents. I remember Ken Shamrock trying something similar in UFC 1 to Royce and Royce was able to manoeuvre into a guard position with relative ease.... so it might not work.

A fourth is that there is a lot going on in a fight and some people just don't think of all the stuff they can do. I don't know much (hardly anything) about MMA, but I always find myself saying that a fighter could/should do this and that and wonder why they don't. I know I am a very composed grappler, but unless/until I am in an MMA situation, I will not fully understand.

Also, I too think head control is very underrated and underused in MMA. I think if fighters used more and proper head control there would be fewer people getting picked up in the fireman's carry.
7/15/07 3:09:05PM
I totally agree on the lack of head movement in MMA...but we have a great example of how it can help.. from the Natural himself. Couture showed pro-boxer level head movement against tim sylvia, completely frustrating the big man. It was a thing of beauty.
7/15/07 4:38:53PM
Thats an Oklahoma (thats what we call it in FL anyways) . It sounds like that from what your saying any way.
7/15/07 5:39:42PM
cement mixers seem like basic, wrestling 101 moves...but they are hard to catch sometimes, especially in the heat of the moment when your arnet thinking techniques. plus most mma fighters have a good tight shot.
7/16/07 10:11:56AM

Posted by SSfighter51

cement mixers seem like basic, wrestling 101 moves....

But so are armbars, kimuras, key locks, and rear naked chokes. The basic moves are in most cases indispensible.

Cross face head control is a basic defense against single leg takedowns. Like all basic defense moves, they should be automatic at this level.
7/16/07 4:08:03PM
Would the move Shamrock puts on Leininger to stuff his shoot at about the 5 minute mark of this video be the cement mixer you're talking about?

Ken Shamrock Vs. Christophe Leininger, UFC 3
7/16/07 6:11:53PM
No, but his arms were in the right place to do it though. If Shamrock would have twisted him the other way then it could have been a cement mixer.
7/17/07 10:43:19AM
It's one of my favorite moves in sub grappling and I've taught it to a couple of people (all wrestlers) and they've made it a a go-to move, too. What I like about it is that if you pause before the throw, you can get them thinking about the guillotine, and everyone is so accustomed to defending that that they don't worry about being thrown. I usually throw straight over my back and try to end up in mount and finish with a neck crank or bring the arm through for the guillotine.

It does work, and against experienced fighters, too.
7/18/07 1:12:37PM
Perfect example of head control used well in a recent UFC is MacDonald vs Franklin. Franklin used head control perfectly to avoid being taken down and it might have won him the fight.
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