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POLL: Who wins this 8 man celebrity tourny?
Criss Angel 6% (2)
Ryan Reynolds 23% (8)
Thomas Jane 0% (0)
Fifty Cent 14% (5)
Hugh Jackman 26% (9)
Vin Diesel 31% (11)
5/8/08 7:38:51PM
Okay this is just for fun. 8 man celebrity tournement that takes place inside the octagon. 3 five minute rounds. Standard MMA rules. Who takes this.(Though I know some might not have MMA skills,lets assume all participants have 8 months of training).

Match one

1.Fifty Cent VS Vin Diesel

2.Hugh Jackman VS Jim Carey (supposedly Carey knows BJJ)

3.Thomas Jane VS Will Smith

4.Ryan Reynolds VS Criss Angel
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5/8/08 7:46:50PM
Vin Diesel shoots in on 50cent 9 times and earns the decision victory.

Carrey locks in a triangle, but jackman pulls out his claws and stabs him through the heart. Jackman gets disqualified, but since carrey cant continue Jackman gets the win since this is a tournament format.

Will smith via being legend... and robot

Criss angel slips and breaks his ankle while walking into the octagon, Ryan Reynolds gets a bye into the next round.

5/8/08 7:47:42PM
Vin Diesel did gay porn hahahhaha
5/8/08 7:52:52PM
Jim carrey wins, but then gets disqualified for sending in rich franklin in his place.
5/8/08 8:00:20PM
Criss Angel wins because he would just make his opponent disappear every time. that dude is the anti-christ...he is really magic

This is how his night would go:

Ryan Reynolds is his first opponent. Reynolds comes out with vampire style due to his work in Blade; but as soon as he throws a punch Criss magically turns Ryan into a bat and pulls an Ozzy. After he is declared the winner he then makes the bat reappear by spitting into his hands. the bat then flies away, he is an animal lover after all.

Criss then faces Will Smith. Will is still pretty fresh from his first fight. He goes to punch Criss in the face with his robotic hand...however, when he punches Criss his hand turns into a snake which proceeds to swallow Smith whole forming an Ouroboros***. the whole audience is captivated by his performance

In the finals Criss is up against VIn Diesel. Vin is a bit scared since Criss pretty much mutated his last 2 opponents. Not wanting to meet the same fate, Vin attempts to surrender. However, right when he is about to tell the ref, Criss turns the arena into water and VIn sinks. Criss then proceeds to walk on the water, awing the audience. he returns the arena to normal but Vin is no where to be found. Criss Angel wins the whole tournament without throwing a single strike.

5/8/08 8:56:27PM
fifty would get his ass kicked and then get dq any way cuz hes packin the roids then the game will come out of no where and kill every1
5/8/08 8:58:58PM

Posted by D0wnUnd6e6r

Vin Diesel did gay porn hahahhaha

Posted by Aaronno9

Jim carrey wins, but then gets disqualified for sending in rich franklin in his place.

5/8/08 9:21:58PM
1.Fifty Cent VS Vin Diesel: -
The crowd is hyped as the two biggest guys of the night are walking to the cage! Big John is back as he is the only one capable of restraining the winner from murdering the loser, Joe Rogan is so excited he looks like he's ready to explode! The crowd are getting louder an louder then the bell rings.... Vin Diesel get kicked in the nuts and his head stomped on until BIg John can pull Fifty away.

Result: Diesel win (DQ)

2.Hugh Jackman VS Jim Carey (supposedly Carey knows BJJ)

Jackman comes in dressed in full wolverine attire, a evil smirk on his face and a confidence that no one doubts. Carey looks a little sheepish as he makes his way to the octagon. The bell rings and the two circle each other, Jackman starts to work the jab effectively and soon after the first round Carey is a bloody mess. The bell rings on what can only be described as a 10-6 round.
The Dr is examining Carey and after a argument with the caches the match is allowed to continue.
The bell rings an right away Jackman is back in the center working off jab combos and following up with big rights. Carey seams to have no answer for everything Jackman has!
Carey is rocked a few times but somehow makes it to the end of the round.

Once again the Dr is right over to check him out but this time their is les fuss and the fight continues.

Jackman returns to the center of the ring and looks fresh he delivers a monstrous overhand right that floors Carey and he follows up for the kill. Jackman lands a stiff left on the way down but Carey slips through his guard an instinctively tries for a arm lock, Jackman panics and jumps up leaving his leg behind. Its all Carey needed for a heal hook. Fight ends Mir Vs Lesnar esq.

Result: Carey (Sub 3rd round)

3.Thomas Jane VS Will Smith

Jane and Smith both look in great shape as they make their way to the octagon. this looks like its shaping up to be a war! Everyone knows these two have a mutual hate and the war of words has been making this one of the most hyped fights in recent history!
Both Jane and Smith are eager to get started and theirs no touch of the gloves as the bell rings.
Smith Charges in swinging wildly and eats a stiff right which knocks him back a few paces, but Jane keeps his composure and works the distance.
Smith tries for a takedown but looks slow on the shoot in. Jane grabs a arm and uses a Judo throw to gain mount and drop bombs to the head of Smith.

Steve Mazzagatti looks ready to stop the fight when Jane lands a devastating elbow to the chin of Smith one of the best G&P finishes in the history of MMA

Result: - Jane (1st round KO)

4.Ryan Reynolds VS Criss Angel

Ryan Reynolds makes his way from the locker room and as the music starts the crowd erupt once again tonight! The heat from the 24,000 strong crowd seams to jump as they all chant in unison! A determined looking Reynolds walks right t the cage taking little notice of anything else on the way.

Angel entrance is a little different, the lights dim and death metal starts, theirs a flash of light by where the fighters entrance should be and then the lights return to normal, the music fades... Angel is suspended 20 ft above the octagon by hooks through his back. He is slowly lowered into the cage and the ref calls the fighters to the center of the cage to repeat the instructions and touch gloves.

The fighters nod to the instructions and Reynolds is left hanging for the glove touch as a smirking Angel swaggers back to his side of the cage.

The bell rings and Reynolds instantly looks the more aggressive of the two, throwing quick high low combos and leg kicks. Angel looks to be taking punishment but still has a smirk on his face.
Reynolds Backs up and throws a hard shin kick to the kidneys which for the first time in the fight cleans the smirk off Angels face. Reynolds quickly follows with heavy blows to the face and upper chest, again Angel had little defense and no offense. The ref steps in and warns Angel unless he mounts a offense the fight will be stopped.

The fight is resumed and again Reynolds lands several unanswered blows before Angel is dropped by a swift kick to the chest. Reynolds backs off and opts to keep the fight standing where he has had the most success, Angel gets to his feet and attempts to throw a weak and off balance punch.
Reynolds sidesteps and ends with a HUGE overhand right Arlovski would be proud of! Angel folds instantly to the floor and Reynolds holds his hands up in victory.

Result: Reynolds (1st rounds KO)

Edit: - Rogan rushes to the cage and is talking to the victor about the strangest fight of the night. After a few minutes of back and forth banter Reynolds thanks his coaches and leaves looking bewildered yet happy.
Rogan approaches Angel and asks him for his reasons for not fighting, Angel immediately blurts out he'd like to thank his coaches Kalib Starnes and the french military fighting system. Rogan pushes him for a answer before Angel breaks down and runs out the octagon.

Update: - Criss Angel finally realized magic is fake an he deserved the beating he got. He issued a public apology for both his magic and and the fact he got his ass kicked on international t.v

I'v been drinking lots of coke today
5/8/08 10:30:57PM

Posted by D0wnUnd6e6r

Vin Diesel did gay porn hahahhaha

Seriously?! If he did!
5/9/08 5:40:40AM

Posted by SmileR

Posted by D0wnUnd6e6r

Vin Diesel did gay porn hahahhaha

Seriously?! If he did!

I was thinking the same thing!
5/9/08 7:39:17PM
some of those guys are posers!!!!!!
i bet AL bundy would put his brown belt in action and submit everyone of them,
5/9/08 8:36:45PM

Posted by mrsmiley

Posted by SmileR

Posted by D0wnUnd6e6r

Vin Diesel did gay porn hahahhaha

Seriously?! If he did!

I was thinking the same thing!

No , he didn't . Here is some funny things about him that made made me laugh when iheard him on a radio interview once. He has played dungeons & dragons for like 20 years, and loves world of warcraft. Definitley made him seem more human, if a little geeky to me. Actaully seemed pretty down to earth in the interview.
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