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4/19/10 8:13:52AM
I'm sorry if this info has already been posted. I'm looking for a statement from or any info about the reaction CBS execs had/have after the Mayhem debacle.
I'm sure whatever it is wont be good, but heres to hoping that it wont destroy the idea of MMA on normal television.
4/19/10 11:38:55AM
Kelly Kahl, senior executive vice president of CBS prime time, was expectedly let down by the episode.

“It isn’t something the sport needs and that aspect was disappointing,” said Kahl. “In the same vein, you see it in basketball, you see it in baseball, you see it in football. There’s a lot of emotion and things kind of happen, but it’s not something we want to see happen in the future.”

Kahl, who said he enjoyed the three title fights, would not speculate on what this incident would mean for the future of additional Strikeforce broadcasts on the network.

“We do the same thing we do after every show,” said Kahl. “We review it. We have a discussion. We look at the ratings and we assess.”

4/19/10 5:46:39PM
thanks a lot bro
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