What were the CBS ratings for Saturday Night?

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6/1/08 12:29:26PM
Poste 'em when you get 'em!
6/1/08 12:33:48PM
i believe that figure won't be available until monday.
6/1/08 1:11:51PM
um well I know I watched it
6/1/08 2:35:45PM
let's put it this way, I tried to call some people after the fights and all the lines were tied up for a half an hour.
6/1/08 2:46:41PM
i'de say alot of people were watching it and alot of people were disapointed.
6/1/08 3:04:39PM
Overall numbers aren't yet out, but in the important 18-49 demo the early 2-hour average (based on my quick math) is 1.9. Half-hour numbers were 1.4, 1.6, 2.1 and 2.4. For a Saturday night that is very good, and the 2.25 hour 2 average was reportedly tops on all of TV. After 11 it beat the Stanley Cup Finals in the key demo. That likely will translate to an overall number in the range of 4.5-5.5 million viewers, which again is a good Saturday night number.
6/1/08 3:34:22PM
I think they pulled enough people to make CBS give them another show but the first one was so bad they might have trouble pulling a lot of those people back.
6/1/08 5:57:54PM
There certainly will be another one, just not for 3-5 months. The planned 7/26 show is now almost certainly off as they almost certainly won't have enough star power ready in time. Sometime between August-October seems more likely.

Edit: Ratings update...
The early fast overnight rating (overall) is 2.7. The final rating is due Tuesday and shoudl include 11-11:30 PM. That is expected to put the final number between 3.0-3.3, which means the show was, ratings-wise, a huge success. It was also #1 on the night in the 18-49 and 18-34 demos and among all male demos. The top-rated segment was Kimbo-Thompson, peaking at a 4.7. That's nearly 9 million viewers.
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