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5/1/08 6:07:25PM
CBS Chairman Sumner Redstone doesn't support his network's decision to air mixed martial arts, largely because he doesn't "like the sport" and thinks that it's not "socially responsible" for CBS to air the fights on free TV.

5/1/08 6:09:13PM
Sorry for the typo it is suppose to be deal
5/1/08 6:29:32PM
What people like this need to realize is MMA has grown into so much more the in the past decade as a sport. Yes, there was a time that the sport was purely "human cock-fighting". Those days are gone and it has become one of the most competitive and entertaining sports in the world today. The fighters for the most part are class acts and are pure technicians in many different areas of martial arts. The fighters today should no way be compared to the early days of Tank, Royce, and the one and only Emmanuel Yarbourough.
5/1/08 6:46:52PM
CBS has aired a ton of programming less socially responsible than MMA. When I watch CSI, I see graphic images of human corpses of all ages in every episode. This old man is way out of touch, but luckily this deal can go through without him. Kudos to Les Moonves.
5/1/08 6:49:18PM
Old People
5/1/08 6:51:10PM
Well considering this guy is like 1,000 years old that doesnt suprise me much....
5/2/08 1:20:41PM
that guy should just -
5/2/08 2:59:52PM
I bet you anything if EliteXC doesn't pull the ratings they want this will be a very short lived deal. He isn't the only person in CBS to voice their displeasure with this deal.
5/5/08 8:25:21PM
Like the mainstream television channels are socially responsible already?

5/5/08 11:23:34PM
its ok ..father time will pass away in like 30 days so maybe cbs will get a younger guy who likes mma.
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