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5/24/08 5:10:19PM
I noticed that they are refferring to May 31st Elite XC as CBS.
Does this mean the fights will be airing on CBS?
Because the last EliteXC show was on HBO

Can anyone fill me in please?
5/24/08 5:21:48PM
yes, the may 31 elite XC show will be shown on CBS.

this should fill you in LINK
5/24/08 5:26:48PM

I know that there are alot of people on here who do not like Kimbo, but I really enjoy watching his fights because I like to see who the first person to knock him out is gonna be.
5/24/08 5:44:49PM
Additionally, the prelim matches will be streamed live on for free-you only need a ProElite account, which is also free.
5/25/08 9:33:23PM
Awesome. I'm looking forward to EliteXC
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