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5/16/08 8:11:15PM
so Cavs got the jump ball after a rocky start and a quick and early steal who is watching anyone basketball fans... my lakers are on next you be believe im pulling for em to smash the jazz but hoome teams have had crazy luck in this post season
5/16/08 8:51:49PM
I think home teams have a .700+ winning % this year in the playoffs. I hope the Jazz wipe the floor with the Lakers. Go Detroit...good thing they have a few games to rest and get Billups back
5/16/08 9:01:36PM
Yea, I think that the Jazz are going to be a tough team to beat at home but I do think the Lakers will take the series but will run into trouble against Spurs/Hornets.
5/16/08 10:54:42PM
lakers by 5 right now
5/16/08 11:29:00PM
I think Boston has home court throughout the playoffs, and the way the playoffs are this year, they just might win the title without having to win a road game, lol.
5/16/08 11:54:21PM
Well the Cavs shut them down tonight, my lakers are stomping Utah at the moment, i can only hope for the big W tonight to shut them out
5/17/08 12:16:23AM
LAKERS by 15 in the third quarter
5/17/08 1:58:34AM
CLEVELAND~! Hell yeahs
5/17/08 2:08:55AM
Don't be scared to win one on the road
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