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5/30/08 3:16:16PM
whats up guys..just wondering if anybody has some caveman training techniquies they can tell me, i do a couple as it is, and i think its the best way to work your entire body, any help?
5/30/08 4:36:54PM
Cave man Workous?

Like Geico? lol J/k

google/youtube it
i have no idea what this is
5/31/08 7:46:57AM
You mean low-budget workouts without weights?

If that is the case their are plenty of things you can do.

When I was younger I couldn't afford weights,so I did exactly what my dad did,and lifted cinder blocks.I know that sounds funny,but I always got a burn from it.

Another thing is to go buy some trash bags.Small bags,big bags,heavy-duty bags,etc.Get a garden Hose and fill them with water.Then lift.
6/2/08 11:54:46AM
Big rocks are around near construction sites. Trees that are being cut down or have fallen and big tree limbs.
Pushups, squats lunges, pullups at a park.
You can find an old tire and pull it using about 8 feet of rope and a bicycle tube, you can toss and lift the tire, just make sure there is no liquid in the tire or you will get a shirt or face full of swill.
6/2/08 11:00:42PM
Get a job digging ditches in the construction industry. You'll make money whilst training

I know it sounds stupid but at my job I have a lot of heavy stuff around. I am a forklift operator, so I can grab that always.. but sometimes I opt to just lug it myself. Dragging big ass boxes full of Ductyl Iron pipe fittings, putting heavy shit onto big shelves almost like World's Strongest Man rock lifting, etc. Obviously you want to be careful and don't hurt yourself, but I think the general idea with "caveman training" is to use an all inclusive body movement exercise. See tire flipping post above (which is a funny post, btw) and also the swinging and loading of shovel after shovel of dirt.

Best bet is to hook up with someone who is certified to teach these specific techniques and to push you through them.
6/3/08 12:13:40AM
go to youtube and type in API workout, thats part of the caveman series. its pretty insane looking, its what Sean Sherk and Brock Lesnar do as a part of their workout routine.
6/3/08 12:08:22PM
I got a small 8 pound sledge hammer at work.. I help with my arms I hold it at arms length while I am standing level with the ground... then I rotate it it 180 degree's going up and over and back again... at fist 5 reps was hard ( I consider 1 rep returning to the start position... ) now I am at about 15 but you can feel the burn in your forearms...

YOu could also get some empty 1 gallon milk jugs and fill them with sand... if you weigh them you can fill a bunch with different amount of sand for differnet weights... you can use water but if its not full it will slosh and could cause an injury.. the sand would be more stable..

Lifting rocks ... that would work great.. move a pile from one spot to another and back again... and don't forget the basics.. push up's sit ups and the like.. ...

To add more... I have found recently my Heavy bag makes a great training tool for more then beating on.. mine is about 4 feet high weighs about 120 or so pounds... I have been using it for push up ( very unsable so be careful) shoulder presses.. holding it on my shoulder lifting it up and over my head and bringing it down oin the other side... also I have been standing it up and then shooting in on it and lifting it up and doing this from both sides.. I been getting some good workouts ...
6/6/08 12:12:58PM
anyone else have some techniques they do others may want to adopt?
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