JZ Cavalcante’s Gruesome Fight Ending Cut

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3/27/13 12:17:40PM
3/27/13 1:25:57PM
Is it wrong that I love when this happens?!
3/27/13 2:40:37PM
3/27/13 3:46:55PM
i dont think thats bone, i think its Vaseline. either way, thats one of the worst cuts i have ever seen. i think the picture of forrest griffins lightning bolt cut was worse. i remember miguel torres's cut on his head left about 1/2 in of skull exposed.
3/27/13 5:41:26PM
It's vaseline but what would you do if it was bone??? This one brings me back to Penn vs Sanchez
3/27/13 5:57:36PM
I think Eastmans cut from Vitor was the worst

3/27/13 6:06:40PM
Yup, nasty cut, but Eastman's was worse.
3/27/13 8:48:59PM
Damn, that picture of JZ's cut looks much worse than it did on TV. At least from what I recall.

I would have to concur with the Eastman cut being the worst. That Vitor knee caused a cut like an axe wound. All of the referenced cuts were quite brutal actually... The mere mention of Benavides-Torres or Penn-Sanchez, and I can see those savagings in my mind.
3/27/13 9:17:46PM
Gruesome indeed.
I also agree that Eastman's takes the top prize.
3/28/13 12:01:08AM
Sanchez penn is the cut I will always love! I bet my boy 100 bones that penn would win. He decides to go to the bar(no ufc coverage). Text him about 10 stills of the kick before contact,contact, vagina, ground, undercut!? Penns hand raised! Never did collect. Top 10 fight for me