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2/20/12 8:42:41PM
Just a quick question
Is cauliflower ear unavoidable is you train wrestling or MMA regularly? I know that you can get it drained but just wodnering because i've started up wrestling not too long ago.
2/20/12 10:12:44PM
It's different for everybody, I've been doing bjj and muay thai for about two years with a focus on bjj and wrestling for about one year. I've never had any cauliflower ear, but I've had friends who get it after just six months of training. Go figure.
2/20/12 11:43:02PM
Wear wrestling head gear ever practice and you will never get it, problem solved.
2/20/12 11:57:29PM
its funny you brought this up, i have been draining my cauliflower ear for the last few days. i wont say its unavoidable but it is very difficult to avoid if your training hard. think of it as "your one punch, one throw, one grappling match away from possible cauliflower ear". once you get it the first time, you are far more likely to get it again. wrestling headgear is really the only sure way of not getting it, and we all know that headgear is a pain in the ass.
2/21/12 11:58:27AM
Yeah it can happen at any time some how I have trained for 5 or so years pretty regularly and I never got it. but the 4 guys I get with to train most offten all have it.
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