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8/29/11 3:13:36PM
What are the top 5 catchweight fights you wanna see? Mine are...

1. Anderson Silva vs GSP- this fight could be fight of the Decade

2. Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones- I think Jones reach would give Andy fits. Plus Jones greco would make silva think twice about going to the clinch

3. Anderson Silva vs Shogun Rua- it would be interesting to see how Shogun's aggressive style matches up against Silva

4. Anderson Silva vs Lyoto Machida- Striker vs counter striker, would be fun

5. Shogun Rua vs Vitor Belfort- this could be a FOTY candidate

Honorable Mention
Belfort vs Rampage
Rampage vs Anderson
Belfort vs Machida

I know Andersons all over this but let's be honest, the guy doesn't have hardly any fights left at Middleweight that get me excited.
8/29/11 3:20:05PM
Yeah if Anderson really wanted to put a stamp on his legacy although he already has, but if he really wants to make it hard to top him ever, he try to dominate at LHW. If he became LHW champion then theirs noway in hell anybody could top him I don't think for several, maybe 20-30 even 50 years. But be settle at middleweight, the sport being so young, he will be topped eventually if he stays there.

I've really been big on Aldo vs Cruz. Cruz can't main event a PPV yet without Uriah, it'd be the best way to showcase the lighter weights and get more interest. Be a hell of a fight too since I think Cruz's footwork could frustrate Aldo more then Mendes wrestling IMO.
8/29/11 3:24:54PM
Crocop vs Chuck Liddell

Anderson vs Jon Jones

Anderson vs Rampage

Aldo vs Cruz

Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar

8/29/11 5:19:11PM
No order.

Matt Matrione vs. Tito Ortiz
Frankie Edgar vs. Jose Aldo
Jose Aldo vs. Edson Barboza
Stephan Bonnar vs. Josh Koscheck
George St. Pierre vs. Chael Sonnen
8/29/11 8:13:18PM
Sean Sherk and Brock lesner say at 210 pounds
8/29/11 8:26:25PM

Posted by kingsmasher

Sean Sherk and Brock lesner say at 210 pounds

10/17/11 7:59:21PM
I would of said prior to Edgar v Maynard II & III:
Jon Fitch vs. Gray Maynard, so we finally have a winner on THE most boring lay n pray artist of all time.
11/2/11 3:10:23PM
Alistair Overeem vs. Demetrious Johnson
11/2/11 4:37:12PM
Pat Barry vs Alan Belcher
Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones
Vitor Belfort vs Lyoto Machida
Vitor Belfort vs Rampage Jackson
Junior Dos Santos vs Lyoto Machida
11/3/11 8:02:10AM
lesnar vs jon jones

lesnar wouldn't have to cut weight. he would just have to dare the scale to go over 205
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