What do you think of the cast for TUF 12?

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8/7/10 3:01:36PM
I think it is pretty weak. Not really any blue chip prospects on the show. I would have to favor JJ Ambrose or Nam Phan. What do you think of the cast and who do you predict to win it?
8/7/10 4:30:07PM
I think it looks pretty good. Jonathan Brookins looks very good and was very happy to see he was on the roster. He fought with Jose Aldo and looked pretty good for fighting aldo.
8/7/10 6:00:48PM
I think it is Undersized
8/8/10 3:00:17PM
I think it is a wide open type of season which is fine with me, I lie when there is a stud guy and the other guys get a chance to knockdown the beast though.
8/8/10 4:34:30PM
I think it's nothing but BJJ fighters.....not impressed really.
8/9/10 12:59:13AM
One guy has like 100 guillotines in a row .
But there are many undefeated fighters and fighters that have many first round knockouts . It is well rounded cast and
I like it a lot. There are some good fighters for sure. Only a few look out of place.
8/9/10 10:30:49AM
yeah there's definitely a couple of fw's that have moved up to be on the show.. T.J. O'brien, Jeff Lentz are two that come to mind
8/16/10 2:37:46PM
In terms of the fighters' experience, I think it is roughly were it should be for TUF. I don't like guys on TUF that should either be given a shot in the UFC directly or should not have any business at high level MMA yet.

I have forsaken the last few seasons but will watch this one, mostly for GSP, but also because I think the lineup is more what it should be.
8/16/10 8:04:44PM
I think this is about what a TUF cast should be. Roy was a clear cut favorite last season. I hope the editing doesnt really make KOS look like a total tool!!?? But i am sure it will for ratings sake!
8/26/10 6:48:28PM
I almost crapped my pants when i found out my buddy Nam was on it. Thats awesome. This was the 2nd time he was offered for a slot on the show.

i got an ideer on how far he got, or how far he didnt get
8/28/10 12:52:27PM
I hear everyone raving about Cody McKenzie, the guy will all the guillotine finishes. Nam Pham will be a great addition too seeing how he really is a seasoned vet. I am personally rooting for Mike Budnik, I know he has one of the worst records, but I really always be a fan over his last minute, baddass triangle on Greg McIntyre at WEC 35, that **** made me jump up out of my seat. I will be keeping my eye on Pablo Garza too, I have only seen one fight, but one of my friends tell me the guy is beast. I am actually really looking forward to this season.
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