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3/26/11 8:19:53AM
The MMAHQ fight camp is the fastest growing camp on the site. We're looking for new members all the time and this would be the perfect time to join. We have an external site for our camp MMAHQ with comprehensive event previews and predictions including regular fight camp updates.

If you don't have a camp and you like making picks, join us for a chance to win the prize money.


1st place: $100
2nd place: $ 50
3rd place: $ 25

Visit our page on the playground here to join or leave a reply to this message.

You can send me a PM through the playground, leave a comment on our website or send me an email at

Good luck everyone! and enjoy the fights.
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5/1/11 11:37:10AM
me and a buddy want to join we both make all of our picks
5/2/11 11:48:23AM
Thanks for your interest in the camp.

I'll send you an invite but I need your buddy's username to add him.
6/24/11 12:07:18AM
Id like to join
6/24/11 9:26:41AM
Ok, but you have to leave your current camp before I can send you an invite. Let me know when you're ready.
6/24/11 10:06:13AM
I'm good to go
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