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9/15/09 8:48:13PM
It’s time for the UFC to restructure the Pay Per View percentage contracts for main event fighters. They began as a good faith way to reward fighters when the company does well, but these deals are unresponsive to the UFC’s needs, and they are unresponsive to the needs of the sport.

The last year of Anderson Silva’s career provides a good example of why the Pay Per View percentage deals do not make sense for the UFC. After signing a deal with a Pay Per View bonus, Anderson Silva headlined UFC 90, and got a terrible payday because the buyrate was so poor. He then took an extended break, and agreed to fight Thales Leites only because he was told that either St. Pierre or Chuck Liddell would be on the card as well. The show broke the 600,000 buy mark, and Silva made a killing.

9/15/09 9:50:42PM
I think it would be a pretty good idea for the UFC to incorporate something in the contract stating that the fighter is required to fight in at least one international PPV or Spike TV fight per year. Other than that, I'm not sure it would be beneficial to change anything. If Zuffa wants a big name on a European card, then throw him some extra cash to do so...simple as that. I see no problem with rewarding fighters for the ability to put butts in just pay him a little more when that ability gets handicapped.
9/15/09 11:27:25PM
i agree
9/16/09 1:30:13AM
I said this a long time ago. The more money that comes into MMA, the bigger the sport gets. The more it will become like boxing. Fighters get greedy and want more and more. Anderson is in a bad spot because he has so little of a fan base his PPVs dont sell so he piggy backs fighters who do sell to line his pockets. Its getting close to the point where the TOP fighters have the fan base to make more money on their own promoting their own event like Boxers do and leave the UFC. Brock Lesnar is close to that point now.

As we have seen with boxing this is not good at all. When this happens fighters make themselves the headliner and then set up worthless undercard fights just so they can keep all the money. Every boxers attitude is "people are paying to see me". Thats why you have never heard of the guys on the undercard of boxing PPVs. Second there is no money going into the sport. The fighters pays the promoter, the other bills and keeps whats left. Now this fighter is making millions and dont want to risk losing these big pay days. So now he avoids any fight which he may lose. There is no UFC forcing him to fight this contender. So curtain fights never happen. He can now fight when he wants. So now he only fights 1 time every 12-18 months. He cant risk losing those big paydays by taking so many fights.

The UFC acts as a NFL type league that regulates the fighters and pays them well while taking some of that money and putting it towards building fighters for the furture, getting legalized in states and countries, fighting legal battles, getting TV deals, paying money to advertise the sport all year long.

Boxing has fighters looking out for themselves and not the sport. Big name boxers when off free Tv decades ago and they lost all the younger people who would have seen them and been fans but instead had to ay $50 so they never say them. Why pay $50 for someone you have never seen? Not 1 single boxer would take the pay cut to work out a deal to fight on tv to inspire people into being fans of boxing. 5 million isnt enough they wanted their 15 million. So now everyone is out of touch with that sport who is under 40 years old.

It all comes down to money. Boxers got to big for TV and there was no UFC to regulate them adn the sport. Now fighters in MMA will one day be to much for the UFC. They wont want money they could be making going to the UFC which goes into the sport, they wont want it going to other fighters on the card. They will want it all and will out grow the UFC. Fans get screwed with fighters who make 20 million a fight on fight cards that are full of guys noone has ever heard of.

9/16/09 4:11:06AM
I see no problem with the current style. These guys get their money for fighting and winning. It is nice for the UFC to take care of guys like that.
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